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World Cup Lessons for Your Business

Manchester city v Sunderland
World Cup fever is at a high pitch, well at least everywhere in the world, except maybe the USA. Heck, we can’t even get the terminology correct in the States, since we call it soccer, but the USA is actually a favorite in their group this year and could make it out of the group stages for the first time in 8 years! But whether you’ll be watching when the USA takes on the UK or not, there are some lessons we can take from these power-house FOOTBALL players to improve your business.

To be successful in the World Cup, players need to be versatile, have a game plan, be constantly on the move, have a strong offense, and ultimately make a goal.

How can you translate these skills into your business?

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Boost Your Business Toolkit to Avoid Disaster

Oiled Bird - Black Sea Oil Spill 11/12/07

Like me, I’m sure you’ve been listening and reading to the news coverage about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now you’re probably wondering what that could possibly have to do with a virtual assistant , but there are some things we can all learn from this disaster.

The other day Tony Hayward, CEO of BP stated the reason for the delay in the clean-up is that “We did not have the tools you would want in your toolkit.” This got me thinking about the tools that all businesses should have in their toolbox to avoid a disaster before it happens to you. A disaster could be environmental, a loss of data, missing important project targets or unsatisfied customer complaints. Do you have systems in place to deal with these potential business disasters?

Here are some important tools and processes you should implement now to avoid having an empty toolkit like BP;

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Communicating Virtually or Virtually Communicating?

It's all about your connections.
Managing teams is always a challenge; learning different personalities, maintaining communication, and dealing with conflict, are just a few things you have to learn. Today, with more and more of us working virtually it’s more important than ever to understand team dynamics.

Prior to becoming a Virtual Assistant (a job I LOVE!!), I managed a team located in the US, China, Japan and the UK. I have to be honest, at the time, I really didn’t think about it being such a big deal, we had email, web and video conferencing, and the telephone, of course, so how could this be an issue? Boy was I in for a surprise! You really need to work at developing a good relationship; here are some things I learned:

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Stormy Economic Weather = Business Boom?

Sometimes I hate the news – seems like it’s all doom and gloom, especially in the financial sector.  Last week, the stock market went down (again!), a government survey was released that reports Americans believe their income will be worse in 6 months, 401K’s haven’t recovered, economic indicators fell in April and jobless claims were up again in May. What happened to economic recovery?  When will things turn around and what should us business owners do in these tough times?

Here are 5 tips I’ve gathered from around the web to help you survive and yes, even THRIVE in a tough economy:

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