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Telling people you are a writer, or even entering “Writer” on an application form, usually conjures images in the heads of the people doing the asking of Stephen King behind a manual typewriter churning out fiction for the masses, or of some starving poet in a tiny apartment writing for the love of it all.

There are those writers, to be sure, but there are also thousands of writers crafting copy for Web sites, submitting killer press releases, and creating blogs that change opinions and sell products. These are the professionals who know words inside out, and who are able to say exactly whatever it is you want to say in ways you didn’t know existed until you read them. Most people can type a few sentences if needed, but to truly make an impact on your intended audience, you need a writer.

So why is writing considered a specialty in the Virtual Assistance world? You may not know it hypothetically, but you know it when you read it. Someone who is tasked with writing up a quick press release or some Web content will probably get the job done, but a writer provides more than simply sentences on a page.

Writers, at their core, whether they’re writing a fiction masterpiece or a sales letter touting the life-changing aspects of a diet e-book, are able to take those same words and turn them into calls to action.

Writers are versatile multi-taskers, and they understand what type of writing is needed for whatever task a client needs, be it a series of SEO articles or a blog about camping chairs, and they know how to make whatever it is they’re saying sound its best. It’s an almost intangible element of business, but the difference between a grammatically sufficient but generic blurb and something written by a professional who specializes in writing could make or break a project, and by placing the foundation of your project in the hands and keyboard of a writer, you know you can expect results.

Posted on June 11th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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