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World Cup Lessons for Your Business

Manchester city v Sunderland
World Cup fever is at a high pitch, well at least everywhere in the world, except maybe the USA. Heck, we can’t even get the terminology correct in the States, since we call it soccer, but the USA is actually a favorite in their group this year and could make it out of the group stages for the first time in 8 years! But whether you’ll be watching when the USA takes on the UK or not, there are some lessons we can take from these power-house FOOTBALL players to improve your business.

To be successful in the World Cup, players need to be versatile, have a game plan, be constantly on the move, have a strong offense, and ultimately make a goal.

How can you translate these skills into your business?

  • Develop a Game Plan – what’s a business without a plan? No plan, no action. You need to have a defined action plan for every aspect of your business from a strategic business plan to a detailed communications plan. It’s your job to develop the plan, but you can delegate out the implementation. Using a virtual assistant is a great way to make sure your plan keeps moving. VA’s can translate your main plan into a detailed action plan, assign tasks and provide you with updates. If you use project management software, a VA can load your plan into the system and run reports on every aspect for you to analyze and modify as needed.
  • Be versatile – the world is always changing and so should your business. Implement new technologies to market your business and develop new products or services to appeal to changing customers. Now that you know what you want to do, you may not have the time to do it all, so use a virtual assistant to help your business change and grow by implementing Web 2.0 tools like Facebook and Twitter, or designing newsletters and crafting emails. You could also use a project manager to help you launch new products and create a roll-out plan that will bring your new products to market in a streamlined and professional manner.
  • Slow Down! Like the football players, you are constantly on the move so slow down by off-loading tasks to a VA. You can use a VA to take care of all the tasks that you keep meaning to do but are just too busy to get to. VA’s can also help by answering your phone calls, managing your calendar, and responding to customer emails so you can take a much needed time out.
  • Go Offense! After off-loading tasks to a VA, now’s the time to go on the offensive and grow your business. You can now review your game plan, make any changes and review the effectiveness of your game. A VA can be a true partner in your offensive plan and can help you develop metrics to track your business results, suggest enhancements to your systems and processes, and offer advice to improve your marketing collateral and website . Use their expertise in these areas so you can focus on growth.
  • SCORE! Now that you’re in the final period it’s time to KICK the competition off the field! Focus on your sales and leave the details to your VA. Use your VA to delight your customers while you market and sell. Then task the VA to gather competitor intel so you are ready to kick their butts!

In football like in business, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!

photo credit: jillyspoon

Posted on June 10th, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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