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Are We The Virtual Assistance You Are Looking For?

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Our team is busier than a one armed paper hanger, thanks to business owners realizing how valuable our services are. As Virtual Assistants, we take the stress and time guzzling day to day tasks away from them and allow them to focus on the parts of their business that don’t stress them out or eat up all their time. And we do it without costing them a fortune.

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Life Happens – Don’t Go It Alone!

Sometimes, it just feels this way
Boy did I get a shock this week – a senior manager for a company I worked at prior to joining the CVA Team recently left the company. It was a complete surprise to everyone and things are in a bit of an uproar at the moment. The company is a medium size business, but this particular manager (or should I say micro-manager) had his hand in just about every aspect of the business and kept many things secret from the staff. It got me thinking about the importance of developing a strong team of support.

Let’s face it, you can’t go it alone to have a successful company. You need people to rely on when life happens. What would happen to your business if you had an accident, family crisis, or on the positive side, a new baby? Do you have someone to support you in these times? Someone who really knows your business? Or…are you the only one who knows how to do certain things because you’re afraid to delegate?

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Join the e-book Revolution!

Evolution of Readers
I love reading, no matter where I go you will always find a book in my hand. Whether it’s the doctor’s office, a car-ride or just sitting on my patio enjoying a sunny day. I’m a fast reader so sometimes I find myself without a new title, or waiting for my book shipment to arrive, so it’s definitely time for me to order an e-book reader.

On Monday, announced that their e-books are selling faster than traditional hard-cover books. For every 100 hard-cover books, Amazon is selling 143 electronic titles for their e-book reader the Kindle. WOW! This offers some solid evidence that people are comfortable reading books in new ways and that you don’t have to publish a hard-cover book to be an author.

E-books are a great solution for companies that want to offer advice and share knowledge with their customers, and provide real dollars in your pocket. Don’t be scared, think of writing an e-book as an extension of the communication you already have with your customers. If you’re sending out newsletters and other marketing messages, an e-book is a great way to expand those messages, provide additional content and give your customers a great product that will increase their loyalty to you and your brand.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can work with a professional writer to help you build your content and a virtual assistant can help with the writing or editing, and format the book and get it loaded on your website and ready to sell. Plus, with the following tips, writing your e-book will be a breeze!

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Be a Media Darling!

The Photographer: a self portrait. (14/365)

Do you dream about doing interviews in magazines, newspapers, guest-writing on blogs and getting FREE media attention? Are you writing articles and submitting them to a few sites and not getting results? Or…do you just want some solid information for prospective customers? Then, you need an online media kit.

Gone are the days of developing paper press kits, putting them into folders and mailing them off to editors or customers. It’s 2010, and it’s all about getting information out quickly. Plus, media contacts don’t want to sort through hundreds of press kits or keep loads of files. You will still need a paper one on hand for some publications, but online is the way to go!

An online media kit may sound scary, but it’s not and with help from a team , it’s an easy process that can produce great results.

Here are some ideas to help you set-up an online media kit:

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