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Do you dream about doing interviews in magazines, newspapers, guest-writing on blogs and getting FREE media attention? Are you writing articles and submitting them to a few sites and not getting results? Or…do you just want some solid information for prospective customers? Then, you need an online media kit.

Gone are the days of developing paper press kits, putting them into folders and mailing them off to editors or customers. It’s 2010, and it’s all about getting information out quickly. Plus, media contacts don’t want to sort through hundreds of press kits or keep loads of files. You will still need a paper one on hand for some publications, but online is the way to go!

An online media kit may sound scary, but it’s not and with help from a team , it’s an easy process that can produce great results.

Here are some ideas to help you set-up an online media kit:

1. Create a new page on your website: The page should be linked in a top menu and not buried under tons of other links. Keep the branding of your website but make the page clean, easy to follow and use a table of contents or main links that open to new pages for additional information. A website developer or your VA can help you add this new page.

2. Include Your Contact Details: Make this prominent so people see it right away. You want to make sure people can contact you easily and quickly. Your VA can be set-up to field these inquiries and free up your time.

3. Company Profile: This is your first impression so it should be concise and compel the reader to learn more about you. Not good at writing, work with a professional writer to help you craft your profile and make certain all your relevant details are included.

4. Information on your products: Time to brag about your services! Use your VA to help gather product testimonials, and marketing brochures, and type up summary fact sheets on your product mix. Create a page with links that bring up high-resolution photos and product brochures. Use links throughout your documents to other places on your website. Your VA can add these links and check them to make sure they all work.

5. Past Media Mentions: You do keep all those articles and mentions don’t you? Now is the time to use them. Your VA can request high color professional reprints and compile everything into a professional and cohesive format and link them on your page. Don’t forget about any interviews you may have done, it’s great to include video and audio clips if you have them. Your VA can edit these clips into one file that looks and sounds great.

6. Tell Your Story: Put together a sample news story for the media. It’s a great way for the press to see what kind of angle they can use for covering you, plus they may just reprint it!

7. Make it Printable: Make sure all of your images print out well, your formatting works and nothing is too small to read. Ask your VA to print out every page to double-check.

After you have your website version done, you should consider preparing the files into another format to be sent out via email to media contacts. Your VA can format this for you, zip the files to condense file size and work with you to send out to all of your media contacts.

You probably have most of this information done already, all you need to do is work with your VA to compile and format your kit, distribute it to the media and you can start building those contacts!

photo credit: .MegLynn.

Posted on July 1st, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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