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Life Happens – Don’t Go It Alone!

Sometimes, it just feels this way
Boy did I get a shock this week – a senior manager for a company I worked at prior to joining the CVA Team recently left the company. It was a complete surprise to everyone and things are in a bit of an uproar at the moment. The company is a medium size business, but this particular manager (or should I say micro-manager) had his hand in just about every aspect of the business and kept many things secret from the staff. It got me thinking about the importance of developing a strong team of support.

Let’s face it, you can’t go it alone to have a successful company. You need people to rely on when life happens. What would happen to your business if you had an accident, family crisis, or on the positive side, a new baby? Do you have someone to support you in these times? Someone who really knows your business? Or…are you the only one who knows how to do certain things because you’re afraid to delegate?

It’s a sign of true leadership when you develop your staff to be a “mini-you” and you don’t need a ton of money to make that happen. If you don’t have office space or money to hire a full-time staff person, a virtual team is a great solution. You can create an entire staff to help you with every aspect of your business so when life happens your team can step in to make sure you continue to have satisfied customers.

Where should you start? The following tips will help you determine who you need on your team and how you can work with them to ensure you’re prepared for life’s little interruptions:

Watch your site – work with a website designer to watch over your site, create a back-up plan and make sure your site will function flawlessly without you having to worry about it.

Get a right-arm – use a virtual assistant as your partner. A VA can do much more for your business than internet research or data entry. They can become an integral part of your business, and help you with marketing, generating business ideas, developing and maintaining customer relationships and more. The more you and your VA work together, and the better you communicate, the more integral a VA can be to your business.

Work with a specialist – if your business is in a specialized field, you can still work with a virtual assistant. VA’s specialize in bookkeeping, medical transcription, and even paralegals, so if you have tasks that require this type of support a VA is still an option for you.

Keep track of those projects – Consider working with a project manager. A PM can develop plans for your business projects, monitor projects to ensure they stay on track and even manage your virtual staff.

No matter what services your team performs delegation and communication are KEY! You should never be hesitant to share information about what you do and how you do it. Your team is there to support you and developing a team that knows your business inside and out will not just help you in times of trouble, it will also help you build a strong company destined for success. Can you imagine having a team that is just as passionate about your business as you are?!

At CVA we realize the importance of having a strong team and that’s why we not only team with our clients, we team with one another too. For each of our clients we have back-ups that are fully trained on all tasks and ready to fill-in if needed. So, you can be assured that even your back-up has a back-up! Remember Murphy’s Law; “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and take action today so your team will be ready to spring into action!

photo credit: Christina Spicuzza

Posted on July 23rd, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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