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Virtually Managing or Managing Virtually

Elsa Diner

Last week I wrote about what a Virtual Assistant does. Then I read this article on Yahoo, ‘25 Hot Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago’ and found that our firm performs five of these Hot Jobs. Isn’t that something, I thought to myself. And then promptly sent the link to those family members I mentioned last week.

I promised this week I would talk about managing a virtual team. I’ve been asked this question many times, and in fact did a whole podcast on just this topic.  I have found my managing style to be the same when managing a successful team of in house or virtual employees. The tools I use are totally different.

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What is Virtual?

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As a manager at a Virtual Assistant firm, this is what I get asked over and over again. My family still doesn’t understand what I do for a living, even though I’ve been doing it for well over a year. I try to explain; I manage a team of Virtual Assistants all across the continent, who in turn work for a huge number of clients all around the world. (More about this subject next week.)

How does that work?

Good question. And one I have a hard time explaining to a generation that has vivid memories of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

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Teach So Others Can Do


Looking for a new revenue stream for your business? How about teaching? You’re already doing this in some ways in your business, so why not expand your customer education and formalize it by creating a training program.

In this ever-changing world of technology, it is easier than ever to offer training classes to your customers. At CVA, we have many clients who offer teleseminars, webinars and e-learning programs to teach their clients about their products and to even offer online coaching.

To really stand-out from the crowd, building and selling an e-learning course is the way to go, and the CVA Team has VA’s with experience in this field. So, what is e-learning? It is interactive learning that takes place electronically and often over the internet and is supplemented with interaction between students and/or teachers.

So, where do you get started?

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Dogs Days of Summer Hurting Your Business?

Enjoying the sun
It’s August and many people are on vacation, or putting things off until the Fall – is this hurting your business? If so, now is the time to work with a team to help you take advantage of the “slow season” and get your business back on track. It’s a perfect time to bring in a virtual assistant to acquaint them with your business, and to help you start working on those projects that have been on your to-do list forever!

A VA can help you implement these tips to make your business thrive during the “dog days of summer”:

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Focus on Your Revenue

What’s holding you back from growing your company? Money? Time? Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the solution for both of these problems. Whether you are just starting your company or looking to grow your existing business, outsourcing tasks and working with a team can help you in so many ways.

In the book “Never Check E-mail in the Morning,” Julie Morgenstern writes that owners should always asks themselves; “Is this close the revenue line?” If it’s not, you shouldn’t be doing it or at most only do things that are one or two steps from that revenue line. That’s why you bring in help. Traditional staffing can be expensive, you have to worry about equipment, insurance, vacation time, etc., etc., but with a virtual team, you only pay for the time spent on your task(s).

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Shirley Sherrod incident where Ms. Sherrod, employee of the USDA was forced to resign after a snippet of a speech she gave at the NAACP was leaked to the media. What a mess this whole thing turned into.

At the end of the day the cause of this incident can be boiled down to lack of attention to detail. It’s amazing to me that even in the White House and major media outlets, people did not take the time to get the facts straight before reacting. Granted this was missing the boat on a HUGE level, but I think it’s a good reminder for all of us how important details and facts are in our businesses.

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