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Dogs Days of Summer Hurting Your Business?

Enjoying the sun
It’s August and many people are on vacation, or putting things off until the Fall – is this hurting your business? If so, now is the time to work with a team to help you take advantage of the “slow season” and get your business back on track. It’s a perfect time to bring in a virtual assistant to acquaint them with your business, and to help you start working on those projects that have been on your to-do list forever!

A VA can help you implement these tips to make your business thrive during the “dog days of summer”:

Back-to-“School” shopping – believe it or not, the summer is a great time to get some really good deals on office supplies too! Not only do stores like Staples and Wal-Mart have Back to School sales, but many corporate supply companies run summer specials since their business may be a bit slower than normal. Your VA can work with you to develop an inventory system and place your orders for you so you’ll never run out of ink again!

Find out some stuff! – Looking to make a new purchase for your business, start a new product line, or keep in touch with what your competition is doing? Then, ask your VA to conduct research and find out all the details. Your VA can find the best price for that new computer you need and source all the inside information on your competition. You can also bring on board a project manager to help guide your new product launch from the planning phase through implementation.

Get Organized – Your VA can put systems in place to organize you and your business even though they aren’t in your office. You can use software like Dropbox to organize and share files, track and share encrypted passwords using a system like Passpack, and do some “spring” cleaning on your website to make sure everything is in tip top shape!

Work that List – have you had an idea on your plate that you just haven’t had the time to implement? Or…have you been looking at your website and think it needs an overhaul? Summer is a perfect time to get moving on these and other projects to give your business a summer makeover. Work with a professional website developer to review your site and provide you with suggestions to freshen it up. Then, work with your VA to create a milestone plan for that project you’ve always wanted to do and cross some more things off your “want to-do” list.

Revisit your Marketing – haven’t used up your ad budget yet? Start planning for Fall campaigns, take time to view your website metrics, and plan a strategy in response to those metrics. If you haven’t already joined Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, now is the perfect time. Your VA can create profiles on all three sites, create posts for you, develop a social media plan and monitor the results for you.

Say “Hi” to Your Customers – Get to work building those client relationships. Your VA can help you create and implement a customer-focus business strategy so you communicate with your customers on a regular basis. If you’ve hit a summer lull, you (or your VA!) can write a batch of ezines and blog posts and get them scheduled now. Then, when you get busy, this part is all done! Plus, your VA can gather client birthdays then send out cards on their special day – a perfect way to let your customers know how much you appreciate them.

Take a Break – Yep, I said it – take some time off! You have a VA – they can handle your emails, respond to customer requests, get your ezines out, answer your phone calls and manage your business while you take a much needed and deserved break.

See, Summer slow-down isn’t all bad, and working with a VA is like having a cool summer breeze get you through those dog days of summer! Contact us today to get started on your summer plans.

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Posted on August 10th, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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