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A Virtual Assistant? Now What

You’ve made the decision. You’ve made the commitment. And now you have a Virtual Assistant. What next?

If you’re like most of our customers, you have a mile long ‘To Do’ list. And if you’re like most people, at least half of the items on that list are things you keep putting off because they’re not your favorite things to do.  So now it comes down to deciding what you feel comfortable delegating to your brand new Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants can do so many things to help you cut down on that ever growing To Do list. We can do your scheduling, your emailing, your customer service, manage your blog…   You name it. For today, though, let’s just talk about passing off your scheduling.

To get a Virtual Assistant started on taking over your scheduling you need a few things.


  1. You will need to have a shared calendar. There are a ton of great apps out there to use. MSN Live has one, Google has one, Yahoo has one, and any other number of companies. Choose one that syncs immediately to your smart phone (let’s face it, we all have one nowadays). Choose one that you are comfortable using. Your VA can learn anything you need them to and has probably already used the calendar you choose. Once you’ve decided on the calendar system you want to use, share access with your VA.
  2. You’ll need a way to communicate your scheduling needs in an easy and efficient way to your VA. Keep in mind, when I say easy and efficient, I mean easy and efficient for you!! After all, we’re here to make YOUR life easier. This is all about YOU!! Some ways to communicate that work for you might be instant messaging, a quick voice mail, a text message, a note in the calendar (if the one you choose has that capability), or a short email sent from that Smart Phone you are carrying around.
  3. You’ll need some basic guidelines established. We all have our preferences for scheduling and for this to be effective you need to let us know what those are. How much time do you want between appointments? What information do you want in the appointment notes? Should that information include directions to/from the location? Items needed to bring along? Reminders for that appointment? Do you want travel time added to your calendar as a separate appointment/block of time? Do you want personal appointments on your calendar? Do you want things color coded? Lot’s to think about here. If these are things you haven’t thought of before, then a good VA can easily help establish a system that works for you.


The most important thing to remember is that we understand this is a big step for you. It can be a little intimidating. You’re allowing some virtual person to share a part of your life. We get that. Here’s something else to remember as well. We do this all day, every day, for our customers. When can we get started for you?

Posted on September 9th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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