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Featured Weekend Reading (9/17/10)


Oh it’s Friday already? This week flew by and we’re already in the middle of September. With new accounts and so much going on, we keep moving forward. During the week, we work on helping our customers. We need time for our goals and ourselves too. That’s what this featured weekend reading is about. Learning helps us apply new things to our lives, whether business or personal. Kick back and draw your computer close to read these great finds.

  • Seven Things You Need to Know Before You Tell the TruthKate reveals why you should speak your truth. Whether you are discovering truth in business or life, read Kate’s post about why (and when) to do it. I found many of her points refreshing and necessary for anyone.
  • 168 Hours: You have more time than you think | Men with PensJames hits home with this post about having more time than you think. With a book by Laura Vanderkam, you discover how you have 168 hours to enjoy life and work. Yes, you really can do either in one day or in one week, as it seems. Read about how you can find more time in your life to spend with people you love and still manage to get things done.
  • Moms – Embrace Your Freedom & Be Sexier : AllanaPratt.ComI love Allana’s approach to being a mom and still being sexy. It’s true, sometimes moms get caught up in what others think. Reading what Allana has to say helps reframe those thoughts and let kids be kids.
  • 019 Virtual Assistant Podcast – Should I Hire A Virtual Assistant To Blog For My Business?This is actually a Podcast we sponsor. Discover a professional virtual assistant’s take on whether you should disclose if someone blogs for you and your business. Cliff interviews Holly Kile, from Contemporary VA, and she goes into detail about setting up a blog for businesses. Learn how having a blog can rocket sales and help in marketing.

No matter what you do this weekend, get some rest and go outdoors! Being out in nature helps soothe the soul. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and tell us what you’ve learned in the comments section. Comment how you can apply it to your work, business or personal life.

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Posted on September 17th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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