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How to create a Facebook Fan Page

More than 20 million people per day become fans of Facebook pages. Why not have them be a fan of yours? Well, the first thing you need to do is create a Fan page! In this post I’m going to show you how.

The easiest way to get started is to log out of Facebook (if you’re already logged in) and click the Create a Page link:

You will be creating an Official Page. Check the radio button which best describes the page you’re creating. Be VERY careful when typing in your Page name, as this cannot be changed later. Click the checkbox to confirm you are the official representative of the person, business, etc. Then click Create Official Page.

The next page will allow you to log into your personal Facebook account, or create a new one if you don’t already have a Facebook account.

Then it’s time to start adding content to your page! Some things that you definitely should add, to start with include: 1) an image,2) basic information, and 3)a summary:

If you scroll down, you can also: 3) Post your first status update, 4)Grab the code to add a Like box to your website, 5)Get set up to be able to update the page via your cell phone, and 6)Connect to Twitter so that your Facebook status updates are automatically posted to your Twitter account.

Next, if you click on the Info tab and click Edit Information, you can add your website url, your company’s mission, a company overview, and information on your products. The more information you can put on your Fan page the better!

Now, if you click on the Edit Page link on the left, you can further customize your page.

First, you can edit your Settings, which include Country Restrictions, Age Restrictions and Published Status; and your Wall Settings, which include default view and who can post to your Wall.

If you scroll down you can edit your Applications settings. Too add a box or tab to your page for any of the applications listed, just click Application Settings. You can also Remove any applications you don’t want, and Edit each individual application’s settings.

You will also notice that in the right column there is a box that says Admins. If you would like to add Admins to your page, meaning add other people who can edit the page and post updates that appear as though they are coming from your organization, just click on the Add button next to Admin and you will be able to add new Admin people.

If you scroll down even further you will see More Applications. There are hundreds of other applications you can add to your fan page. Two that I would recommend include Networked Blogs, which automatically posts new posts from your blog to Twitter, and Static FBML. Static FBML will add a box to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization. The easiest way to add these applications is to choose Browse More below and do a search for the application.

Once you have your page ready to go, it’s time to get some Fans! (Don’t forget to become a fan yourself by clicking the Like! button!) The easiest way to add fans is to Suggest it to your friends. There is a link that allows you to do so right on your Fan page:

Once you have 25 fans you can claim a vanity url, which is or whatever you want it to be. To claim your url, just go to

And that’s it! Your page is created, it’s full of cool stuff, it’s full of fans, and you have a url that allows people to easily go directly to your Facebook fan page. But don’t go off and neglect your page. You should regularly be posting status updates, pictures, videos, discussion topics… anything you think your fans will like and want to interact with. Interaction is key because the more people that Like or comment on your updates, the higher they will rank in people’s Status Update Stream. Hence the more people that will be exposed to your content/your company.

Happy Facebooking!

Posted on September 23rd, 2010 by Team CVA

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