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Many Physicians now- a- days are keeping themselves busy with multiple office locations. Keeping up with the patients at all those locations can be a full time job in itself. Smart Physicians that have their patients’ best interest in mind turn to CVA to help them with the office duties that can otherwise affect attention to clients present in the office.

Part of my daily duties as a virtual assistant is going online and accessing the Dr’s appointment book. I then take a look at upcoming appointments and give those patients a call to confirm their appointment. If anyone needs to reschedule or has special concerns about their upcoming appointment, I take care of it, freeing up the office manager to give the in house patients her full attention.

Also included in the appointment book is a wait list. If I see a vacancy on the days’ book I can contact the patient on the wait list and get them in to see the Dr during that vacant time slot. This keeps the appointment book full and provides good customer service to the Dr’s clientele.

Each day, after tending to the confirmation calls, I create a PDF document for both the Dr. and for the office manager. In the PDF I include a list of patients contacted, both live and voicemail, and make notes of any concerns or comments made by the patient. This gives everyone in the office a heads up of the upcoming appointments and any changes that have been made to the schedule.

Before working with CVA, if the office receptionist was unavailable to be present in the office, the Dr. had no choice but to close or take their chances with a temp service. Now there is a back- up plan in place to ensure it is business as usual with call forwarding right to my phone to handle any incoming calls that would have been handled by the receptionist.

Are you like the smart Dr.? How can we help you enhance your customer service?

photo credit: Biology Big Brother
Posted on September 20th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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