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Featured Weekend Reading (10/29/10)

Trick or treat! Halloween is this Sunday and if you have kids, you will likely be busy trick or treating this weekend. Watch out for ghouls, goblins and the person wearing the scary clown costume!

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What I Do as a Virtual Assistant

studying proctor

There are so many things I do for each of my customers. This particular customer had a specific area they needed addressed immediately.

There are many companies today selling their products online.  While there are many advantages to doing this, some of the same problems one would have with selling them in the standard brick and mortar setting are still shared. One of the more frustrating is the amount of fraudulent transactions companies can sometimes get.

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Featured Weekend Reading (10/22/10)

pumpkin pie
It’s pie eating time! Okay, it isn’t Thanksgiving yet, but this weekend there is a pumpkin pie eating contest happening here to celebrate the Fall season. This time of year, everyone is picking out pumpkins to decorate their homes or re-visit their pie recipes to prepare for Thanksgiving.

If you are out this weekend picking out Halloween costumes, buying Fall decorations or simply running errands, take a few minutes to check out these great finds for small business this week.

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Virtual Assistant? Not Just for Business Owners Anymore!

Sep30: Angela

During one of my past lives, I was an outside sales rep. Then I got promoted to Regional Sales Manager. Yep. That was me for about 8 years of my life. And it was CRAZY!! As the Ford commercial says, “My day wasn’t 9am to 5pm, it was 5am to 9pm.” That was a good day. It was non-stop. And I was exhausted. One of my coworkers and I had a motto: 4,000 miles a month, 4,000 minutes a month. I’m ashamed to say that I had successfully mastered the art of talking on a cell phone, taking notes with my right hand, drinking with my left hand, and driving with my knee. Yes, all at the same time. How else would I get it all done?

I had a huge client base, a huge quota, the largest territory in my region. As a Sales Manager, I had an even larger quota, 8 sales reps to manage, and multiple territories to visit. It didn’t get any easier. Instead, my workload grew.

At the time, much to my detriment, I had never heard of a Virtual Assistant. Because had I? I would have hired one in a minute flat. To do what, you ask?

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Featured Weekend Reading (10/15/10)

Yep, that flake is gold!
Holy moly, this week has had a lot of big news in business! Facebook pairing with Bing and Apple is pairing with Verizon to sell iPads in retail stores. Everyone’s gearing up for big changes in retail and online. I guess Black Friday is in their sights!

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Lions, Tigers, RSS, Mailing Lists and Updates… Oh My

It’s confusing! I know!

So many people don’t even realize that there are different ways to gain a subscription to a blog. Let me take a minute to explain the three most common ways and how two often get confused or interchanged.

1. Subscribe to a blog via RSS

RSS is the nifty orange icon that every blog has! RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication and in a nutshell produces a feed of your content so that your users can subscribe and have it delivered to them.

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