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Let Your Virtual Assistant Handle Customer Service!

The phone is ringing off the hook; the steady onslaught of emails is making “inbox zero” seem as attainable as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You pride yourself in your customer service but lately it’s beginning to suffer. What to do?

You need to turn the customer service reins over to your virtual assistant. You can do this by creating a work flow of what customer service related tasks can be turned over to your virtual assistant. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Email Management: You can have your virtual assistant either manage the email account you have set up specifically for customer support or you can filter your emails so that all support related emails go directly to your virtual assistant’s inbox. You can train your virtual assistant to be able to respond to support issues and flag which ones need your attention. If you have your email through Google Apps, you can even create “canned responses” for those repetitive queries that come in that have a standard reply.

2. Phone Calls: You can have your phone calls forwarded to your virtual assistant. Much like email management, you can have your virtual assistant filter the calls which need your attention and give your virtual assistant the training to handle those that are support related. Coinciding with phone calls, you can have your virtual assistant check your voicemails and flag ones that you need to handle.

3. Order Processing: Once you create a work flow, you can train your virtual assistant to handle all aspects of handling orders that come in. The virtual assistant can handle the payment processing and the management of vendors as well as providing clients with tracking information.

4. Appointment Setting: You can create a script or have your virtual assistant collaborate with you on a script for any cold-calling or lead follow-up calls. In addition, your virtual assistant can maintain your CRM and manage all reporting for you.

5. Client Care: Let’s not forget “service after the sale”. Your virtual assistant can follow up with new clients at intervals you decide upon and can email or snail mail clients information on special promotions that you offer. Client birthdays and anniversaries will never be forgotten when you have a virtual assistant handling the details!

With a little training, you can have your customer service duties turned over to your virtual assistant in no time which allows you to focus on other areas of your business. When you allow a virtual assistant to manage your customer service duties, not only will your business run more smoothly but you can take comfort in the knowledge that your reputation for excellence will be maintained.

Posted on October 5th, 2010 by Team CVA

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