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What I Do as a Virtual Assistant

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There are so many things I do for each of my customers. This particular customer had a specific area they needed addressed immediately.

There are many companies today selling their products online.  While there are many advantages to doing this, some of the same problems one would have with selling them in the standard brick and mortar setting are still shared. One of the more frustrating is the amount of fraudulent transactions companies can sometimes get.

It is very difficult for a small, growing business to verify each and every transaction. The only way to accurately do this is to call each buyer and verify the sale. This can take much time and effort which in turn takes away time and effort from some of the most important aspects of growing your business.

That is where I come in.  One of the most important duties I perform for this customer is to verify each transaction as it comes in by calling the buyer directly. Every transaction is verified by a recorded phone call.  In addition to calling each buyer, I also authorize the transaction and release the product.

Since I started working with him we have identified over 15 fraudulent transactions.  Now he has the peace of mind that each and every sale he makes is one that he is going to be paid for.

My client now has time to concentrate on growing his business and does not have to worry about anyone taking advantage of him.  Would you like to grow your business and not worry about the little details by having someone watch your back?

By having a Virtual Assistant take over the more menial, yet equally important tasks, you can begin to focus on the revenue generating projects that successfully grows your business.

photo credit: joguldi
Posted on October 29th, 2010 by Client Advocate Team

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