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Featured Weekend Reading (11/5/10)

Dancing Man 2

Time for the weekend! Woo hoo! Can you tell I’m excited?

That’s because this weekend there’s an Indian Pow Wow my family has been looking forward to seeing. Despite chilly winds and possible 20-degree weather, we plan to go and watch the tribes dance and sing.

No matter what the weather where you are at, kick up your feet, relax and read some of these great posts from this week on the web.

  • Revealed: Why Google is FAB if you have ADHDI love Jacqueline’s tips on getting organized if you have ADHD and even if you don’t. Learn how to use Google tools to help you organize your day and projects. Discover the two tips Jacqueline gives that allows you to access information anywhere!
  • Do Short Posts Deliver on Value?I swear I think James is mind-linked with me sometimes. I was wondering the same thing just yesterday. James suggests using shorter posts to get the same message across compared to longer posts. As a long poster, I’ve also been considering shorter posts. Check it out for something to think about!
  • Can I Hire a VA to Do Things That I Am Not Able to Train Them to Do?If you run Podcasts, Cliff offers great suggestions on how you can use your virtual assistant to help you. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Cliff also tells you about great mind mapping classes you can take for productivity.
  • Are You on the Edge of No Return in Your Business? – Beverly asks the tough questions. Do you have the answers? Yes, you do! Find out how you can take your business back and make money.

Bundle up in blankets, coats, scarves and light that fire! Keep yourselves warm.

Have a great weekend and tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Make sure to visit our Contemporary VA Stumble Upon blog to see more featured posts.

photo credit: mjs_2009

Posted on November 5th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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