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It can be very difficult establishing and maintaining a website for your business. Aside from the brick and mortar concerns of meeting with clients and networking with business associates, you now have online concerns like site coding, updating, traffic, blogging, newsletters, and online customer support. This particular client has two thriving and rapidly growing websites for two different sides of her career as a life coach.

I consider it my job to help my clients achieve their goals. For this client, that means helping her manage these sites and the online client correspondence such as appointment or payment reminders. I may also be called upon to call her clients or associates with these reminders, or to setup and maintain the different and often time-consuming aspects of social marketing.

My normal tasks include updating page elements, organizing weekly aWeber newsletters and compiling and backing up client information. Whenever I spot a portion of her business which I can help with, such as creating web copy on a blank page or sprucing up a PDF design, I do not hesitate to bring it to her attention along with ideas of how I can help. This lets my client know I am always looking out for her business’s best interests.

Part of growing her business involves creating eproducts like self-help books and courses. I take pride in proofreading and formatting the content of these products before they become available. It involves breaking out my English teacher personality and some creative graphic design, both of which I love to do. Once everything is deemed perfect by the client, I turn it into the final product and make it available on her sites.

We keep in touch with weekly phone calls and multiple emails a day, so both of us know where the works lies and who will be handling it. This communication helps ensure everything is covered and her time is freed to concentrate on the most important aspects of her business rather than getting tangled up in the everyday tasks.

Having a virtual assistant means my client can rest easy knowing that customer support and all of the online aspects of her business are in good hands, and she can simply concentrate on the brick and mortar aspects and creating even more products to bring in profit. What tasks would you like taken off your mind?

photo credit: rochelle, et. al.

Posted on November 18th, 2010 by Client Advocate Team

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