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Tis the season…. to have a Happy Holiday Mailing

The holiday season is approaching… fast. Halloween seems to mark the beginning of the holidays these days, though I started seeing aisles of decorations and specialty gifts in the stores at least a month ago.

I love the holidays. Besides the warm memories that have been with me since childhood, I love the friendliness and optimism that naturally bubbles up in people at this time of year. It’s an opportunity to connect and reconnect with the people in our lives and let them know how much we appreciate them.

And there is the one jarring note in the holiday music: Sending cards to our list of customers, associates, and friends to wish them well. Sending a personal message to our network is a wonderful way to celebrate the season, yes. But adding what if often a time consuming task to already busy end-of-year activities can be more of a burden than a joy.

Many companies lighten the burden by getting pre-printed cards that simply need to be stamped and addressed. They give up the personal touch out of necessity; better to send an automated and impersonal card than no card at all.

Wouldn’t it be great to retain the personal part of the mailing without losing the efficiency of automation? It can be done. We have a service that lets you put together your own card, message and even signature, and then creates and mails them to your list. You get to keep the personal connection and you get to ditch the burden of the manual mailing. What a great way to lose that jarring note in the music, and enjoy the season to the full!

Posted on November 8th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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