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Featured Weekend Reading (12/31/2010)


Well it’s that time again! That’s right it’s finally Friday! Not only is it Friday but it’s also the very last day of 2010. As the year comes to a close, its time to reflect back on everything in 2010 and make 2011 an even better year!

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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for A Wedding Planner?

Being able to adapt to last-minute changes is a must for wedding planners. Not only must they adapt however- the best of the best need to have the ability to make things happen last-minute, when a bride changes her mind, or decides that she absolutely has to have those linens that will need to be shipped internationally. A virtual assistant can be a great asset in these situations, as they can make calls to locate the things that need to be shipped, and make the shipping arrangements, or make last-minute hotel or transportation arrangements… but that’s not all they can do!

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Featured Weekend Reading (12/24/2010)

It’s Friday!!!!! That’s right folks it’s finally here!! Not only is it Friday its Christmas Eve as well.  In a few hours we will all be enjoying our children play with their new toys while we sit around and catch up with family and friends. The best part is we will be doing it with full bellies! All the food is my favorite part! For some reason it all just tastes better at Christmas time. Doesn’t matter if its snacks or a full blown family dinner it’s just always better!

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Launch Your Business the Easy Way


Launching a business can be a full-time job.  Many times our clients already have full-time jobs so they need an extra bit of help to get their dream business launched,  or new product or program division off the ground.  This is a great place to start with a VA – right from the beginning.  While you concentrate on your “regular” job, or your existing services, your VA can work behind the scenes to get your new business or programs ready to go.

One of my clients came to CVA in the beginning of a new business launch.  She had an existing business, but was ready to start a whole new program.  I had the pleasure of helping her launch her new services.

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Featured Weekend Reading (12/17/2010)


It’s finally Friday again!  I don’t know about the rest of you but this has been a long week. We have all been busy at work and getting ready for the holidays. It is really hard to believe that this time next week it will be Christmas Eve.

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Your New Virtual Assistant


Anyone who has started a new business knows there are a million and one small tasks that need to be done before you can start to generate income.  There are also quite a few big projects that need to be taken care of.

One of my first tasks was to help my client build a WordPress website to promote her business. She had a general idea of what she wanted and could tell me the look and feel she was aiming for, but most of the specifics were left to me.  For this client I created a basic website with a theme she loved that included her services, fees and her coaching qualification. Then we began to add the extras. First we created a newsletter article page, events page, resource list and guest author articles. These pages were frequently updated to help generate interest in the website by visitors and encourage them to visit often.

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