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Featured Weekend Reading (12/24/2010)

It’s Friday!!!!! That’s right folks it’s finally here!! Not only is it Friday its Christmas Eve as well.  In a few hours we will all be enjoying our children play with their new toys while we sit around and catch up with family and friends. The best part is we will be doing it with full bellies! All the food is my favorite part! For some reason it all just tastes better at Christmas time. Doesn’t matter if its snacks or a full blown family dinner it’s just always better!

Maybe it’s just the company. As we get older and have busy lives, kids of our own, jobs, and bills. We don’t always take time to slow down and get together with family as much as we should. I know you all will have a busy weekend whether you are traveling to see family out of town or out of state or entertaining at your own home. But if you need a break from all the chaos of Christmas morning, or want to sneak away from one more of Uncle Larry’s stories, I hope you take time to read a few of the great blogs we picked out for you this week.

  • Would You Give Your Teen a Business? – If you have a teenager, can you imagine giving them their own business? Do you think they could handle it on their own?  Don’t miss this blog from James and learn how giving your teen their own business may be a great idea. Not only that it will give them valuable lessons they can use later in life.
  • A History of Google Updates – Over the years since it began, Google has made many changes to the way they do things. Some have had a huge impact to the SEO community. But the basics still remain the same, and will never change with the wind. Be sure to check out Ryan’s blog for great Search Engine Optimization tips and learn how sometimes sticking with the basics is a good thing.

That’s all for this week, its time to officially get this Christmas party started!  I have lots of good food to eat. What is your favorite dish that just tastes better at Christmas? We would love to know so leave us a comment in the comments section. . We here at CVA, would like to wish you and your families a very happy and safe Holiday!! Be sure to visit Contemporary VA Stumble Upon Blog for even more featured posts.

photo credit: A_Peach


Posted on December 24th, 2010 by Angela Anderson, Virtual Assistant

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