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Handing Off the Day to Day

Dawa's Designed To-do list

Have you ever sat back and wondered how fabulous it would be to have someone take care of all the little day to day details that prevent you from focusing on the revenue growing tasks that you NEED to be doing?

For one of my clients that day has arrived. Due to the nature of her business, it is difficult for her to attract computer and internet savvy employees. This is where I come in. Every day I handle the following tasks for her.

  • Customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Fix all computer issues
  • Created and implemented (and now maintain) an easy step by step manual for all of her employees
  • Train employees in easy computer tasks
  • Create income reports and solve any issues that arise from those reports

But the most satisfying part of my job as her virtual assistant is to help her do the things that she doesn’t have time to do.  A couple of days ago she emailed me asking me to try and get her a reservation at a resort that has been booked in advance for over a year. After calling this place three to four times a day I was able to make her dream vacation come true, which made me (and her),  extremely happy.

As a virtual assistant I don’t only help my clients with everyday business tasks but also with those personal issues that they do not have time to do.

Before working with Contemporary VA, if the front desk person was unavailable or not in the office, all of the daily tasks of running a business fell on her shoulders.  If the employee that was trained to do one certain task had a day off there was no one available to perform the duties necessary to run the business.  With Contemporary VA she not only has the ability to have me as her personal assistant, but if I am not available there is an additional person that has been trained to perform those duties in my place. That way she is never left with the dilemma of not having anyone available to do the things needed for the smooth operation of her business.

Does this interest you? Have you now thought of all those small, daily tasks that while may be simple, often times end up consuming your day? Why don’t you hand them over? I’m sure we can help you, too.

photo credit: juhansonin
Posted on December 7th, 2010 by Client Advocate Team

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