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Launching a business can be a full-time job.  Many times our clients already have full-time jobs so they need an extra bit of help to get their dream business launched,  or new product or program division off the ground.  This is a great place to start with a VA – right from the beginning.  While you concentrate on your “regular” job, or your existing services, your VA can work behind the scenes to get your new business or programs ready to go.

One of my clients came to CVA in the beginning of a new business launch.  She had an existing business, but was ready to start a whole new program.  I had the pleasure of helping her launch her new services.

We started with the foundation; researching software that would be needed to support her offerings, developing phone scripts, email templates and business procedures, sourcing joint venture partnerships, creating mailing lists and more.  Then we moved on to working with her web design vendor – I served as the go-between, making sure the designer had all the items they needed to complete the website, ensured deadlines were being met, sending images or other files, etc., so our client could focus on building her products.

As we progressed through the website development, as a VA I could then build out the additional pages for her WordPress website, integrate the 1ShoppingCart features and adding the new products for sale on the website, as well as setting up a phone system that would ring to my office so I could answer calls and help her new customers.

In support of my clients’ launch we also worked together on scheduling telesummits.  We created a list of influential speakers to approach about being interviewed on topics of interest for the new target customers.  As part of my role in this project, I contacted all of the speakers by phone and mail, scheduled interview dates, set-up an affiliate program, wrote promotional emails and tweets for the affiliates to use to promote the event, obtained speaker biographies and photos for use for promotion, and on the day of the telesummits, started the online events.  After the telesummits, I would transcribe the recordings, and use both the audio file and transcription file to create digital products that our customer then added to her new product line, creating another source of revenue.

Now that the business is launched, we continue to run special events, send out weekly newsletters in 1ShoppingCart, manage social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and work directly with customers answering calls and making sure they have exceptional customer service.  It’s all smooth sailing now because we took the time in the beginning to make sure we had a solid foundation.

So whether you are trying to start your own business while holding down a full-time job, or are in the process of a product launch, the time is perfect to start with a VA.

photo credit: Fritz Park

Posted on December 21st, 2010 by Client Advocate Team

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