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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for A Wedding Planner?

Being able to adapt to last-minute changes is a must for wedding planners. Not only must they adapt however- the best of the best need to have the ability to make things happen last-minute, when a bride changes her mind, or decides that she absolutely has to have those linens that will need to be shipped internationally. A virtual assistant can be a great asset in these situations, as they can make calls to locate the things that need to be shipped, and make the shipping arrangements, or make last-minute hotel or transportation arrangements… but that’s not all they can do!

In this age of internet-hungry brides and grooms, having a presence online is a must. If your skills online aren’t as great as your skills in a church or a reception venue, a virtual assistant can help with your website, manage your blog, and even manage a newsletter for you. They can also do all of your social networking- whether it’s Facebooking, Twittering, posting YouTube videos, or creating a social network just for your current and potential clients!

I have done all of this and more for my wedding planner client. However, my client is a bit different in that not only is she a wedding planner; she also coaches other wedding planners on how to build their business. The coaching side of her business is a completely separate division from the wedding planning side of her business, and I am the division manager. In addition to the things I mentioned above, my duties also include customer service via email and phone, managing her shopping cart, and helping coordinate her annual live event (and even attending the event to help in-person).

My role in this client’s company has kind-of been the jack of all trades. I’ve done her bookkeeping when she needed someone to step in and do that, helped her find and hire new in-office employees, helped put together an employee handbook for her company, managed her calendar and her email, scheduled her personal appointments at the doctor, dentist, and salon, sent gifts to people in her name, and worked with web designers, social media experts, and others that she contracted with to improve her presence online.

The beauty of the internet is that there really is very little that someone working virtually for you cannot do, and this client is definitely proof of that.

Posted on December 27th, 2010 by Client Advocate Team

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Tabby says:

Having a VA on board for wedding preparations really does help greatly for a bride or a groom or to even the wedding planner. A VA’s flexibility and efficiency will really save lots of time and effort on your part and will really allow you to speed things up with the overall wedding preparation. VAs can even help you plan and prepare after wedding activities and take care of work related email correspondence and scheduling of work meetings and events so you will be fully prepared and ready after your honeymoon. Quite convenient, aren’t they?

Posted: June 17, 2015 @ 9:23 pm

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