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Anyone who has started a new business knows there are a million and one small tasks that need to be done before you can start to generate income.  There are also quite a few big projects that need to be taken care of.

One of my first tasks was to help my client build a WordPress website to promote her business. She had a general idea of what she wanted and could tell me the look and feel she was aiming for, but most of the specifics were left to me.  For this client I created a basic website with a theme she loved that included her services, fees and her coaching qualification. Then we began to add the extras. First we created a newsletter article page, events page, resource list and guest author articles. These pages were frequently updated to help generate interest in the website by visitors and encourage them to visit often.

We then added Search Engine Optimization tracking to see who was visiting and how often. After a few weeks of tracking we determined we needed to use more social media and more frequent blog posts to increase traffic. I then began posting to her Twitter and Facebook sites daily and helped find ideas for blog posts. I often helped by writing rough drafts for her and editing the final drafts. These were usually written once a week and scheduled to post throughout the week.

We also began a series of monthly teleseminars to help grow her newsletter and marketing list. These teleseminars were marketed through social media including Facebook and Twitter. During this time her marketing list doubled and she generated many leads for individual and group coaching.

Beyond the daily tasks and projects we worked on, this busy business owner needed someone who could give her suggestions to help her grow her company and keep her grounded in the tasks on which she was currently working. She had many ideas to incorporate them all at once and needed not only someone who could perform the required daily tasks, but also had the business know how and experience to suggest projects and improvements to make her business more streamlined and successful. This could be something as easy as suggesting ways to increase social media and marketing lists, sourcing ideas for blog posts, automate processes to save time and effort for both her and her clients or just someone to bounce ideas off of and get an experienced opinion of what works and what doesn’t.

This client was quickly on her way to booking appointments, with her automated process, and generating income.

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Posted on December 15th, 2010 by Client Advocate Team

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