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One of our clients has a tech help website.  He publishes new articles to the site daily and people can then leave comments with any questions or other input they have on the article.  This client likes to read and respond to all of the relevant comments, but if he had to go through all of the comments himself he would waste valuable time weeding out the spam and the comments that don’t follow his guidelines.  So that’s where we come in.

For this client we have a team of virtual assistants that monitor all the comments that come in, and either accept or reject them.  This task is completed twice per day every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, so that if a comment comes in that does not follow the guidelines, it is not on the site for long before one of our VAs catches it and removes it.

For the client this has worked out quite nicely:

“I’m using Contemporary VA to provide what I’m calling “virtual editorial assistance”, monitoring and filtering user submitted content to my web site. They’ve done a great job following my direction and quickly coming up to speed on my needs. They’re asking the right questions as needed, and just “doing the job” the rest of the time. I’ll be sending more work their way in the future.”» Software Provider, Washington

Posted on January 24th, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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