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It’s a bird, It’s a plane… nope it’s your Client Advocate

What’s a Client Advocate you say?

Well if you are our client, you know!

If you are not, it is your Superman/Superwoman! They are individuals that possess special powers, so powerful that even Kryptonite does not diminish them.

So, we took a minute to ask some of our Client Advocates some very important questions, here were the questions and their answers:

How do you help your clients, they already have a Virtual Assistant or in some cases multiple, so give me some ways that you are currently helping your clients?

  • We help nurture relationships between the client and CVA.
  • We help to ensure the client’s expectations are met and help troubleshoot any issues or confusion.
  • We are another team member that becomes familiar with all aspects of our clients’ accounts.
  • We can be their best ally.
  • We learn their preferred methods of communication and how to best utilize those for the most effective communication with them.
  • We become intimate with their overall and long term goals and objectives.
  • We are an ear for concerns, either with a specific VA or CVA.
  • We are a watchful eye to ensure the VA receives adequate support and training.
  • We are a great resource for presenting new ideas and suggestions to.
  • If a VA ever leaves, we know our clients and can help them find the best replacement.

Obviously you check in with your clients, but when do you ask for your clients to reach out to you?

  • When they need a brainstorming session.
  • When they have an idea for a new project and want to make sure that the necessary resources are in place.
  • When they add people to their team and CVA should be interacting with them to streamline their business.
  • When they are going on vacation, so we can arrange for everything to be taken care of in their absence.
  • When they have praise for their VA.
  • When they have concerns with their VA or the work produced.
  • When they need help with delegating.
  • When they have a rush job or important deadline.
  • Whenever they want! There is no such thing as over-communication. There really is never a wrong time to reach out to their client advocate.

If you could give a one sentence suggestion to go out to all clients regarding working with their Client Advocates, what would you say?

As your client advocates, we strongly encourage clients to reach out to us in real time, the second you have the slightest concern, before the mole hill becomes a mountain.

There you have it folks… are you maximizing the use of your Client Advocate?

Posted on January 19th, 2011 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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