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Virtual Assistant at The Front and the Back

One thing our clients have in common is a work schedule that would be difficult for three people to manage, let alone just one. It’s not just being busy that’s the issue but also the scope of what that workload is. As business owners, they are responsible for the front and back end of everything; from managing their web presence and social media, to keeping product inventories and following the state or federal laws and guidelines necessary to conduct their businesses.  This is certainly the case for one of my clients. They own a winery in California.

As a Virtual Assistant, one of the areas I work to improve, maintain, and provide support for is this owner’s web presence. I do this in many ways. One specific thing I do is a daily podcast that posts to his website and Facebook page. The client sends me a file in one format which I convert to an MP3 and make a podcast. This is done daily along with an article, the ability to either listen to the audio now or download it for later, and a list of suggested books or items related to that day’s podcast.

Also included in the online presence is the client’s membership club.  Besides the discount and choices of wines available in the club, the member also gets a recipe card and newsletter. Creating these documents is also part of my job as a Virtual Assistant. These items are included in wine shipments and the creation of them would normally consume a lot of client time and effort. Being able to take this off his plate is just one additional way I can make his life easier.

Those are all frontend tasks. They are items seen or produced for an end user or member. Behind the scenes, at the backend, there are just as many things to be done; things that I can offer assistance with as well.

Researching state labor laws and creating documents for record keeping are just a couple of the backend things I do to keep things moving smoothly. A winery has many state and federal laws that have to be followed. These are but a few of the backend tasks that I do to aid my client and allow him the peace of mind and time to focus on the things that move his business forward.

In the end, it’s really about doing anything and everything he needs. One thing I tell all my clients is that CVA has many VA’s that encompass a full range of abilities to get anything they can imagine done. If I don’t know it, there will be another Virtual Assistant who does. And they can rest assured it will be handled in a professional and timely manner. Having that kind of brain pool available makes it easy to take care of whatever may come along.

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Posted on January 24th, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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