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Virtual Assistants: Helping Behind the Scenes

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“I just wanted to let you know that my VA is absolutely amazing! I’m pretty sure that VA stands for Virtual Angel. She has given me a large portion of my life back. And after telling my husband some of the things she’s helping me with… he asked me if she was for real… he was soooo impressed. I’m so glad I went with Contemporary VA. Thank you!”  » Wedding Design Specialist, Ontario Canada

The stressed-out “Bridezilla” is a modern icon, epitomizing for many the craziness that ensues between the time a man and woman become engaged and the day they officially become husband and wife.  In order to alleviate that stress and lighten her load, many brides turn to wedding consultants for assistance.  Imagine the stress of that one bride multiplied by five or ten or more, as the task load of a wedding consultant, or wedding design specialist (another popular term for the job), increases with each new client.  Here is where the Virtual Assistant steps in; the consultant’s much needed helper.

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Featured Weekend Reading (02/25/2011)


Hip Hip Hooray! Friday is finally here! It has been a busy week preparing for the end of the month but the weekend is here and now its time to relax.  The weather this week has been beautiful! But spring time weather brings spring time storms as well.But don’t worry those storms bring all the spring flowers!

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Trusting in a Virtual World

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Being a Virtual Assistant, sometimes it is hard to convince people I am worthy of their trust. They cannot see me, I do not work in their office, and it might not even seem like I am real. So it is not surprising that some clients are hesitant at first to delegate tasks to me, even though they have more tasks to complete in their business then they have hours is a day.  Here at CVA we work hard to earn that trust.

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Featured Weekend Reading (02/18/2011)

spring time is coming

Woo Hoo its finally Friday again. This has been a busy week but the weekend is finally here. The weather has been beautiful most of the week and for the first week in a long time there was no snow. I cant wait to enjoy the weekend.

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Exceeding Expectations. Virtually.

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When utilizing a virtual assistant, it’s difficult for the client to know exactly what to expect. Your business is your baby and it’s hard to delegate its care to someone else.  Sure, task lists and guidelines are set up but there are so many variables that just can’t be foreseen. As virtual assistants, we are very familiar with the presence of those unforeseen variables and take their existence seriously.

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Featured Weekend Reading (02/11/2011)

The lake

It’s that time again folks! It’s finally Friday. This has been another busy week but the weekend is finally here. And not a moment too soon either.

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