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When utilizing a virtual assistant, it’s difficult for the client to know exactly what to expect. Your business is your baby and it’s hard to delegate its care to someone else. ¬†Sure, task lists and guidelines are set up but there are so many variables that just can’t be foreseen. As virtual assistants, we are very familiar with the presence of those unforeseen variables and take their existence seriously.

With every task our client assigns us, we ask ourselves:

  • What else can I offer my client to help them with the completion of this task?
  • How can I complete this task and bring them a little something extra while doing it?
  • What other ways can I help my client grow and expand their business?

Every task. Not just some. Not a few. Every single task.

It’s because of our dedication to client satisfaction and the resources available within our team that we are proud of the client testimonials that come across our desks. We’re talking about unsolicited testimonials too; the kind that come to us because the customer is just so pleased with the service they are receiving.

Those client testimonials show each and every one of us that our dedication and seriousness about our responsibilities are appreciated and even though we didn’t think there was room for any more motivation, we still get a boost out of those testimonials.

Here is one recent testimonial that came in: “CVA has done a lot more than I expected. I think the challenge is in limitation of time, but you guys sure do work effectively!”

Bring on those challenges. We’ll conquer them every time. It’s what we do and we do it better than anyone.

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Posted on February 16th, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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