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Trusting in a Virtual World

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Being a Virtual Assistant, sometimes it is hard to convince people I am worthy of their trust. They cannot see me, I do not work in their office, and it might not even seem like I am real. So it is not surprising that some clients are hesitant at first to delegate tasks to me, even though they have more tasks to complete in their business then they have hours is a day.  Here at CVA we work hard to earn that trust.

I recently took on a new client who was in just this type of situation. As an independent business coach in the UK she was worried about trusting someone else with part of her business, but needed help getting tasks done that she simply did not have time to do. I started helping her administer her 1Shopping Cart account, which she uses to sell coaching time slots and other materials to her clients. I also took over the posting of blog articles to her website, and updating her social media accounts with links to other information relevant to her business and her clients. All of these things are vital to her business, but take up time she could be spending coaching and helping her own clients, which is why she got into business in the first place.

I recently received a compliment from her. In an email to our Project Manager, she said: “I am mightily impressed with the professional approach shown by you all, and my VA has already made me feel very comfortable and excited about moving forward.”

Here at CVA we are more than just service providers or administrators. Our goal is to be a partner to our clients, doing everything we can to provide world class service that goes above and beyond their expectations. Most importantly, we work to earn our clients’ trust, so that they can feel comfortable delegating tasks to someone else, so that they can work on moving their businesses forward.

Posted on February 23rd, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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