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Virtual Assistants: Helping Behind the Scenes

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“I just wanted to let you know that my VA is absolutely amazing! I’m pretty sure that VA stands for Virtual Angel. She has given me a large portion of my life back. And after telling my husband some of the things she’s helping me with… he asked me if she was for real… he was soooo impressed. I’m so glad I went with Contemporary VA. Thank you!”  » Wedding Design Specialist, Ontario Canada

The stressed-out “Bridezilla” is a modern icon, epitomizing for many the craziness that ensues between the time a man and woman become engaged and the day they officially become husband and wife.  In order to alleviate that stress and lighten her load, many brides turn to wedding consultants for assistance.  Imagine the stress of that one bride multiplied by five or ten or more, as the task load of a wedding consultant, or wedding design specialist (another popular term for the job), increases with each new client.  Here is where the Virtual Assistant steps in; the consultant’s much needed helper.

A bride has a dream and, often, has spent long hours thumbing through stacks of magazines to put together that dream.  From colors and concept, location and guest list, invitation design and floral arrangements right down to the flavor of the cake, the decision-making process needs to be streamlined.  The consultant’s job is to present the choices to the bride, so she can make informed decisions, and it is the job of the VA to pull together the right choices.

After the design specialist consults with the bride and has a feel for what she wants, I go online to find the local resources to make the dreams come true. I check out popular sites with reviews and opinions from other brides and grooms, narrowing down just the right florist in the bride’s hometown who can recreate the stunning peony and lily bouquet that she saw in Martha Stewart Weddings AND can get it to the church on time, the baker who can not only create and decorate the cake of her dreams, but can make it vegan and gluten-free as well or the memorable and fun honeymoon location that will completely surprise the groom.

Also, in order for those brides to know who to call on, a wedding consultant needs to advertise, to network and get her name and reputation out there to be seen.  This, too, is my job.  Promoting my client involves researching the best bridal shows in the area and making arrangements for the consultant to attend or have a booth, maintaining a presence on social networking sites and providing well-designed, attractive promotional materials, such as business cards, brochures and websites.

It takes many hands to make the many pieces of the puzzle come together to create the complete picture the bride envisions.  When the bride, the consultant and the VA work together, those “many hands make light work.”

photo credit: claude.attard.bezzina

Posted on February 28th, 2011 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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