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Virtual Assistants: Making the World a Smaller Place

While a lot of our clients have businesses that sell products and services around the world, we also have clients that get most of their business from people in their local area.  You might think it a challenge for a Dedicated Virtual Assistant thousands of miles away to serve a company with primarily local clientele but today’s technologies and Social Media sites that reach out to those near and far, make this easily achievable. This is certainly the case for one of my clients who operates a wedding planning business in Canada.

I post a daily blog for this client on multiple web and Facebook sites. These blogs touch on topics ranging from décor, flowers, and destination wedding locations to cakes, lighting, and entertainment.  This useful information is posted to not only help anyone, near or far, wishing for information on their upcoming wedding but also to provide a library of sorts to the client’s local customers.  Referencing of these blog posts helps the client dial in the style and taste unique to each couple they assist.

Another aspect of my work for this client is to create a graphic PDF file that is emailed to those who have booked a destination wedding. This document outlines the necessary information on the specific location a couple has chosen, acting in essence as an easy to track check list, and also offers useful travel tips for vacations in other countries.  Each one is unique to each couple and their chosen destination and is sent to everyone in the wedding party.  Again all are usually local but the support I provide is from far away.

Researching local newspapers and other marketing and advertising media, along with online offerings, ezine and ebook support, round out the additional services I offer my client. The goal is to make it possible for them to concentrate on the important tasks that will move their business forward while leaving the support functions to me, a Dedicated Virtual Assistant miles and miles away.

In a world where the cost of each company employee can get completely out of hand, our clients get the best of both worlds; an employee who can take care of company needs while only paying for work that is actually done, leaving no additional overhead costs associated with an in-house employee.  So whether the client is doing business in a global market or one local to their area, the mission is accomplished day in and day out.


Posted on February 7th, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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