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Hootsuite, Twitter, and Your VA – The Perfect Social Circle


Hootsuite is a social media platform that allows you to schedule multiple updates across several social profiles in advance, monitor different social media accounts on one screen, search for potential followers and even invite members of your team to get involved.

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a free account at Once you’ve set up your account, the site will display a screen giving you the option to connect your existing social media accounts to your new Hootsuite interface. The easiest place to start is Twitter. Once you’ve done that, you can schedule as many tweets per day as far in advance as you’d like. Then just sit back and watch as Hootsuite posts the tweets for you as instructed.

Another very useful aspect of Hootsuite is the ability to search Twitter from within the dashboard. This allows you to search for Twitter users who might be talking about key terms related to your business or niche and can help you tap into those conversations. Know what your customers want so you can deliver! This is not to be confused with Hootsuite streams, which allow you to monitor information like your mentions, direct messages, news streams and more just by glancing at the dashboard.

What this means for many who delegate their social media tasks (such as outsourcing to a VA) is that the entire process is made very simple, streamlined and less expensive. It could also mean the beginning of a beautiful co-working social media experience. The team option within Hootsuite allows several users to access one account and collaborate on social media plans such as content distribution and workflow. The owner of the account (AKA the administrator) has the ability to invite team members and allow them access to whichever social media streams necessary. This means a Twitter expert, LinkedIn guru and Foursquare genius could all be members of your team working together to bring you ultimate social power!

Possibly the best part about Hootsuite is you no longer have to worry about “wasting” precious time with constant social updates and connecting to your market. Combining the power of a savvy virtual assistant and Hootsuite options will free up your time to concentrate on the many other aspects of your business – like making money.

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Posted on March 28th, 2011 by Team CVA

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