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Running her own interface design studio on the web, this artist and designer found herself in need of a VA with a keen eye for aesthetics and the experience needed to produce quality instructional videos for her own clients’ benefit. Pairing with a relative newcomer to CVA, she soon discovered that the diverse skillsets available could cover nearly any project in a way that would exceed her greatest expectations.

“I wanted to personally thank you for your expertise and for your phenomenal talent for teaching! I’m so excited about the work you’ve been creating for me! Thank you for doing such a splendid job, making the training videos easy to follow, concentrated, friendly and packed full with knowledge. Attention paid to every detail. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)” >>Interface Designer, Stockholm, Sweden

Here at Contemporary VA you’ll find a Virtual Assistant ready to take on tasks to help you run your business ranging from clerical, scheduling, accounting and bookkeeping all the way through creative tasks such as designing marketing materials, producing professional quality manuals and brochures and even video production services such as editing and composition.

Please take a moment to meet the team and contact one of our managers for more information on how Contemporary VA can provide you with some much needed asstance to start, maintain and grow your business.

This client found that her customers were in need of something more that would better help them utilize the products she produces. How-to videos and manuals to make simple the procedures involved with using the artwork sold via her site, were desired to help the artist free herself from providing individualized support to her customers and help her get back to carrying on the work of producing content.

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Posted on March 14th, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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