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“I can’t say enough great things about [my VA]. The most significant quality [my VA] brings to her job is the ability to problem solve and find solutions. Even if she does not have the answers (which most of the time she does) she will figure it out through her own means of research. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her for my team. Not only is she organized and extremely capable she is an absolute delight to work with!” >> Consultant & Coach, San Diego, California

WoW!  Log into your email account and see yourself cc’d on this email to your boss.  What a way to start your day!  The client that sent this has a website that she had been working on building for several months.  She has a web guy who does techie stuff, but wants someone to add the personality (the formatting to make it look pretty) part to it.  She writes the text of what she wants for her website/blogs, as well as her teaching program, and then asks me to proof it, make it pretty and make it live.  It’s not that this client is incapable of doing the work herself, as she does several things herself, but she chooses to use me to get these time-consuming tasks done while she focuses on other things.  She knows she can give me her text and just walk away. She is confident that it will get done and it frees up her time, and more importantly, her mind.  We communicate regularly – via phone and email – just like in a real office.  She said she really enjoys doing this because she can use me as a sounding board.  She throws out an idea, not even knowing if it’s a doable idea, and eagerly waits for my response.  I will either give her a “Yeah,” a “Nay,” a “What about this ____?” or in some cases a “I’ll do some research on that.” It keeps her excited about her business advancements and sometimes even brings new ideas into HER head.

Making it “pretty” and “live” is just one of the many things I do for my clients.  I have clients that count on me to do things automatically.  For instance, if an email distribution needs to be sent out at a certain time, it’s in my planner to do so and it gets done.  One of my clients receives a lot of spam in their email account.  I go in regularly and clean out the spam, leaving only the important stuff for the client to look at – a huge time saver for them.  I have yet another client that relies on me to compile data into spreadsheets, prepare invoices and receipts and send them out via email.  Another client even hired me to obtain quotes and facilitate shipping his father’s belongings to two different locations after he was moved into hospice.

With email, faxes, file sharing, and program management software, there isn’t much that can’t be done virtually these days.  With the variety of clients I work with, I’m continually learning new things – providing me with talents that I never dreamed would exist, let alone that I would possess.  I only wish I hadn’t waited so long before joining the Virtual Assistant community.

photo credit: lumaxart

Posted on March 21st, 2011 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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