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Featured Weekend Reading (04/29/2011)


It is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y Friday! It has been a busy week for all of us here at CVA as it is the end of the month. So the weekend is here and it is time to relax.  It has been a week of wild and crazy weather with all the storms. We are thankful that all of you are still here with us.

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Creating Informative How-To Demonstrations with Camtasia

For those looking to create a quick-and-dirty how-to for a client or other associate there’s a screen recording and editing package called Camtasia that you should be aware of. Camtasia is feature rich and is available in a 30 day trial so you can give the software a try for yourself before committing to buy. In this writing I will go over the steps to create a basic how-to and point out ways that more professional, customer oriented how-to videos can be produced with the aid of this software.

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Featured Weekend Reading (04/22/2011)

Easter Eggs

It’s finally here! That right people it’s finally Friday! I don’t know about the rest of you but I can pretty much sum the way this week has been up in a few letters. TGIF! We have all worked hard this week and now it is time to relax. Not only is it a weekend its Easter weekend as well.

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CVA Cribs: How I Rock Out My Office Space!

Desk (II)

Almost every home these days has an office. It could be your home based business, a place you sit to pay your bills or just to email friends and play on Facebook. If you are like me, your home office is where you create ideas and make things happen. As a Virtual Assistant, my office space is extremely important to me. Most days, I spend many, many hours in one space and if I don’t enjoy working in that space, I will NOT be productive.

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Featured Weekend Reading (04/15/2011)

Kuata Island

It’s that time again! It is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y Friday! If you are like me it has been long awaited this week. We have all worked hard this week at CVA and now it is time to kick back, put our feet up and relax. The weekend is finally here!

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How E-Books Can Help Your Business

59/365: Lectura

You see them everywhere these days. Small kids to grandmothers are using them. But what are they? E-readers! They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and have a variety of features. Can this fad really help your business? Yes definitely.

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