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Virtual Assisting: How I Manage Clients with Google

If you’re a VA like me, you probably have an array of clients with many different styles and approaches to setting and meeting goals. In some cases they are established in their ways and in other cases you may offer suggestions. I always try to standardize my clients whenever the opportunity arises. This means I offer solutions with the tried and true things that work for me whenever possible. There are some great programs out there that are free and easy to use. One of the best resources available is Google Docs. It is one of the most versatile programs available and with no cost to the user, the price is just right!

I try to get my clients all using the same types of programs whenever possible. Standard for every client, I set up a Gmail account, where I am able to easily create new documents, keeping them safe and having the ability to share with anyone anywhere.  From that Google email, I am able to set up a calendar and in many cases link it to the client’s calendar. If they don’t have a calendar system in place, I strongly recommend you get one.  Using Google calendar gives you the ability to share multiple calendars, color code events, set up pop-up and email reminders.

That being said, I use Google calendar for myself as well as my clients, adding appointments and reminders. Google is great because it allows you to schedule email reminders as well as pop-ups any period of time before your scheduled event.  Calendar maintenance and appointment setting are a only a handful of the infinite ways a VA can assist a business owner. There are many other things a VA can do to pitch in for their clients!

The future of communication with peers and clients will most likely move to cloud computing. Cloud computing is something to keep in mind as new platforms open up. Cloud computing is basically moving your hard drive to a server with a well-reputed company. This is wonderful when working with a group on a project and really promotes teamwork and efficiency. Using Google Docs is a great way to start incorporating cloud computing in your working life. Imagine having your documents open to your team all at once, in a Skype chat or using the Instant Messaging available right on the document itself! It’s almost better than being in the same room since you all can interface using your workstations!

Additionally, you always have access to your documents if your computer is not available by being able to log into your system anywhere. You can use Google as you own personal “cloud” until the real thing is made available to the general public. Keep your eyes peeled for the Google cloud launch that could happen at any time, making free cloud computing available to all.

As Virtual Assistants we are consistently tasked with problem solving. It is part of the job to offer solutions, whether it be in the form of organizing a client using Google as described here or in a variety of other ways, there’s almost infinite services we can offer to our clients to streamline their work and make their lives easier. If you are a manager or business owner and getting organized and focused sounds good to you, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself if it is time to let a VA into your life.

Posted on April 4th, 2011 by Team CVA

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