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Featured Weekend Reading (05/27/2011)


Wooo Hooo it’s finally here. That’s right it’s finally Friday.  Not only is it Friday but its Memorial Day weekend which means most of us will get an extra day off. Gotta love that! Don’t forget to remember the men and women who sacrificed and gave us the freedoms we enjoy so much.

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Typos (or Why You Should Have Your VA Proofread for You)

Typos (or Why You Should Have Your VA Proofread for You)

Everyone makes typos. There are words that sound the same, definitions that are confusing, and grammar rules to follow. Typos can make you and your company look careless and unprofessional so it’s really important to proofread everything from an email to a sales report to an eBook. Proofreading your own writing can be very difficult. You know what you meant to write so your eyes glaze right over those typos. And so many typos can’t be caught with spellcheck because they’re real words, just not the words you meant to use. Proofreading is a great task to give to your VA. A good VA will catch all of those common typos and help you deliver a perfect final product.

Here’s a list of sentences with common typos. See how many you caught after the jump.

  1. The VA completed all of her work for the day accept for some data entry.
  2. The VA took the advise of her coworker and started using a new program.
  3. The VA was alright after the initial shock of hearing that she would be receiving a bonus from her client.
  4. The new tasks quickly effected the size of the VA’s paycheck.
  5. A great VA never looses a client.
  6. The VA is quiet capable of handling the new assignment.
  7. VAs can type much faster then most people.
  8. Whose the best VA for this blogging assignment?
  9. Let me know if your almost done with that report.
  10. Their getting ready for the conference.
  11. To who should the letter be addressed?
  12. Its very important that you follow the instructions carefully.
  13. The sails report needs to be formatted correctly.
  14. She should of proofread the document more thoroughly.
  15. The client read threw the report without finding any errors.
  16. He is suppose to give the presentation tomorrow.
  17. I wandered when the presentation would start.
  18. I had less than three items left on my to-do list.
  19. I was to excited about the conference to sleep.
  20. There were alot of mistakes in his report.

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Featured Weekend Reading (05/20/2011)


Woo hoo it’s finally here. That’s right it is finally Friday. It has been a long but yet productive week here at CVA, and now we are all ready to relax and rewind. So what are waiting for let’s get this party started!

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How To Keep Track Of Your To Do List For Your VA

Dawa's Designed To-do list
One of the challenging aspects of having a virtual assistant is keeping track of all the tasks you have them do on a: monthly, daily, weekly, and occasional basis. One great way to keep track of these is to use a project management system or have an online to-do list. Only question is what is the best way for you to keep track of your tasks?

There are many different methods and software that enable you to keep track of these tasks and To Do Lists, but it may take a while to figure out which is the best fit for you. Things you may want to consider when choosing a system or method are: ease of use, accessibility, and depth of detail.

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Featured Weekend Reading (05/13/2011)


It’s that long awaited time of the week again. That’s right folks. Friday is finally here. We have all been very busy here at CVA this week and it’s time to kick back, put your feet up and relax! So let’s get this party started people!

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Skype Me! Using Skype to Effectively Communicate with your Clients

One of the biggest challenges of working in the Virtual Community is the lack of in-person interaction. Fortunately, Skype makes it feel as if your desk is right there in the same room with your clients.

Often times, during a virtual conversation, inevitably the words “Meet me on Skype” will occur. Once we are both logged in and connected to each other, Skype’s screen sharing feature bridges the gap between miles and, in an instant, we are both in the same location.

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