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Skype Me! Using Skype to Effectively Communicate with your Clients

One of the biggest challenges of working in the Virtual Community is the lack of in-person interaction. Fortunately, Skype makes it feel as if your desk is right there in the same room with your clients.

Often times, during a virtual conversation, inevitably the words “Meet me on Skype” will occur. Once we are both logged in and connected to each other, Skype’s screen sharing feature bridges the gap between miles and, in an instant, we are both in the same location.

From there, it’s possible to show our work or process in REAL TIME. No more waiting for a response on email or reviewing something without the luxury of posing questions and getting answers as they come up. It’s a great corroborating tool that really fosters client relationships and reinforces the client’s confidence that they have a great Virtual Assistant on their team.

At CVA we strive to develop relationships with our clients that allow our clients to know, without a doubt, working with a Virtual Assistant is one of the best business decisions they could ever make. Using tools such as Skype brings in the element of in-person interaction needed to build trust, loyalty, and respect within a business relationship.

Another way Skype is useful in the virtual work environment is that it helps all of the CVA team members work together, as a group, to bring the best services to our clients. On a daily basis, our team is using Skype to do some quick one on one training with each other as specific needs arise from all of our different clients. With team members from all around the globe, collectively, we are versed in the widest range of programs and applications available for all sorts of business services.

Having this resource is one of the reasons we can accurately tell our clients “No Worries! We can do that!” and truly mean it. An unfamiliar program or application is a simple Skype call away with a Virtual Team Member who knows the requested program or application inside and out.

If you aren’t familiar with Skype, “No Worries! We can help you with that!”

Posted on May 9th, 2011 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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