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Building and Maintaining an Audience in a Social Business

In order to build an audience, different avenues for regular discussion should be available to those in your organization’s audience. It could be as simple as your Facebook fan page content, or more in-depth such as a regular webinar or podcast. If it is possible, the best strategy incorporates fresh content 5 days a week. This rapid-fire content creation is a great way to get your audience used to tuning in at regular intervals and readily consume what you have to say.

Audience building is the difference between operating an eBusiness and a Social Business. You can sell goods or services online with an eBusiness which is merely a channel. However, a Social Business encompasses the contemporary shift in modern marketing that places esteem and value on the social connection an audience feels with an organization. The Social Business is networked and offers value to its members just for showing up.

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Help Me!

Small business owners tend to be know-it-alls and do-it-alls, because most of the time, that’s a necessity. In order to truly be successful with your small business, you generally need to micromanage every facet and aspect of your business, or else success will elude you. After a while, though, running a small business, or perhaps even a medium business, doing everything can get rather tiresome.

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One Time Projects You Can Hire a VA For

“I don’t need a Virtual Assistant. I have nothing for them to do.”

Have you ever told yourself this?  You may be concerned that your business wouldn’t profit from hiring a Virtual Assistant, or that you don’t have any projects they can do for you.  You may be right.  If you enjoy spending your days working on keeping up with Twitter, fixing that pesky recurring problem with your blog, uploading those photos to your website, researching keywords for your new blog post, booking the hotel reservations for your next business trip, sorting through your Facebook posts, reading through your ever growing list of emails, responding to meeting requests, typing letters, entering the sales data from your last mailer…wait a minute, who’s growing your business while you’re handling all these tasks?

Are you still convinced that you don’t need a Virtual Assistant?

Here’s a small list of tasks that you can hire a Virtual Assistant to handle for you today, so you can get back to growing your business.

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/24/2011)

Independence Day Splash!

It’s the time again! That’s right it is Friday! One of the most loved days of the week. It has been business as usual all week and now it time to relax and unwind.

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Blogging- Creating Consumable Content

We have ten seconds to engage an online user. Ten short seconds before some other more fascinating content has ahold of their minds and we have lost them forever. So here we are with our blog we post three times a week, having to fight for attention with the fast-paced stream of Facebook and Twitter. I see the blog like the tortoise and a social media feed like the hare. How can the blog ever keep up?

Well, unlike in the fable, the hare does not stop for a break so our modern tortoise has to come up with other means of keeping up. The blog must take on attributes of social media in order to compete. Using the same tactics one would for social media strategy when creating irresistible blogs. In social media, the difference between good content and remarkable content applies the following criteria when crafting a post:

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Creating A Buzz?

A study published in the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing found that 18% of customers return to businesses they heard about from their friends and family. 

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