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5 Things to Hand-off to Your New Virtual Assistant

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So you have finally taken the plunge! It is vital your business gets more attention in order to grow to the next level and you need a strong support system to keep you sane. You have known for months you need help, it’s apparent your business is growing, but now you have made the call and set yourself up with a great new VA. You are feeling very good about your choice when it sinks in. You don’t know where to begin with your new Virtual Assistant.

You consider your business needs and wonder what your new VA is capable of. What should you hand off, what can you trust them with? Getting started with your new VA can be daunting, especially if you have been in complete control of your business since the beginning. What do you consider turning over?  Here are some suggestions for things you can turn over to you Virtual Assistant to make your life easier and your business more successful.

One: Scheduling and Travel

Your schedule is crazy, you don’t know if you are coming or going, you feel bogged down! Perhaps you travel a lot and you find yourself lost between time zones. Can’t remember which credit card has all of your miles on it? Or maybe you are a price sleuth and like to get all of your options before settling on a flight. Maybe you have no calendar system in place at all and need proven suggestions. Whatever the case may be, your time is valuable. Let’s face it, your meetings make you money!

Schedule management, appointment setting, and travel arrangements are all great things to delegate to your VA. They can ensure you are at your meetings, can make appointment setting calls, can send email confirmations, whatever system you feel works with your business, your VA  can jump right in and get you where you need to be. Even if you feel you do not want to have your VA making your appointments, it is always wise to share your calendar with them so they can know your whereabouts as they coordinate other aspects of your business.

Many online businesses offer convenient customer service messaging either through their website communication system or via a dedicated customer support email. Your VA can dive right in and tend to your clients’ basic needs and grow into full service support once they have learned all the ins and outs of your business.  This is also very convenient when you have your VA managing your online shopping cart. Integrate the VA’s ability to do customer service and manage the shopping cart for efficient delivery of goods or services to your clients.

Three: Manage Your Online Shopping Cart

The shopping cart system you use is vital to keeping your business making money. You need to have your goods or services managed by an expert. Our VAs are perfectly capable of handling or setting up an online shopping cart for you. Whether you have a system in place that needs updating on a regular basis or you want a whole new system put in place, your VA has got you covered.

Four: Update Your Word Press site

For your Word Press site, why not let your VA handle those tweaks and updates you just cannot get to? Need someone to find and test the right plug-in for a particular service or feature? Pass your Word Press updates to your VA and rest easy. Let your VA streamline your site to deliver content to your audience. Pass off the shopping cart updates and new product offerings to your VA and let them write up your sales pages. Let your VA assist you with getting those new products marketed on your site so you can focus on new product development and engaging your audience.

Believe it or not your VA can coordinate your social media in ways you never could have imagined. They are capable of automating your social media and managing your content to enhance your current product offerings and promotions. Let your VA research top stories or major influencers in your niche and get the news out to your audience. Use your VA to varying degree based on your personal level of engagement with your audience. You can work with your VA to come up with a trackable content schedule that is customized to your needs. Drive traffic and sales with support from your VA as they promote your products and events to your audience through your social media outlets.

Posted on June 20th, 2011 by Team CVA

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