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One Time Projects You Can Hire a VA For

“I don’t need a Virtual Assistant. I have nothing for them to do.”

Have you ever told yourself this?  You may be concerned that your business wouldn’t profit from hiring a Virtual Assistant, or that you don’t have any projects they can do for you.  You may be right.  If you enjoy spending your days working on keeping up with Twitter, fixing that pesky recurring problem with your blog, uploading those photos to your website, researching keywords for your new blog post, booking the hotel reservations for your next business trip, sorting through your Facebook posts, reading through your ever growing list of emails, responding to meeting requests, typing letters, entering the sales data from your last mailer…wait a minute, who’s growing your business while you’re handling all these tasks?

Are you still convinced that you don’t need a Virtual Assistant?

Here’s a small list of tasks that you can hire a Virtual Assistant to handle for you today, so you can get back to growing your business.

Blog Moderation

Anyone that runs a blog knows how time consuming maintenance can be once you develop a reader following. If you don’t consistently respond to these readers, they will stop coming. A Virtual Assistant can moderate your comments, welcome your visitors and respond to general inquiries for you, while you put your effort into generating new posts.

Press Releases

You have written the best press release, or had one written for you, and now you have to spend them time submitting it to the online directories?  Why not hire a Virtual Assistant to do that for you? A skilled VA will know where to submit your release for the best ROI while you focus on writing the next one.

Trip Planning

You’ve just purchased a ticket to a convention next month, and now have to worry about finding a flight, renting a car and booking a hotel room.  These are details easily handled by a skilled VA. Let them figure out the details and plan your itinerary while you begin working on your presentation for the conference.


You’ve got a large presentation you have to have ready by the meeting next week, but all you’ve got is raw data, a few slides and no knowledge of how to use the presentation software?  No worries. Hire a VA that’s already skilled in presentation preparation means you won’t have to learn the program yourself.


Falling behind on that speech because you have it all in your head, and don’t’ have time to put in on paper? Hire a VA to transcribe your speech for you while you focus your effort on deciding which tie to wear with that jacket.

Posted on June 27th, 2011 by Team CVA

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