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5 Things to Hand-off to Your New Virtual Assistant

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So you have finally taken the plunge! It is vital your business gets more attention in order to grow to the next level and you need a strong support system to keep you sane. You have known for months you need help, it’s apparent your business is growing, but now you have made the call and set yourself up with a great new VA. You are feeling very good about your choice when it sinks in. You don’t know where to begin with your new Virtual Assistant.

You consider your business needs and wonder what your new VA is capable of. What should you hand off, what can you trust them with? Getting started with your new VA can be daunting, especially if you have been in complete control of your business since the beginning. What do you consider turning over?  Here are some suggestions for things you can turn over to you Virtual Assistant to make your life easier and your business more successful.

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/17/2011)

Yashica #35: Mahons Pool

TGIF! It has been a very busy but productive week here at CVA and we are all glad its Friday J It is time to kick back and relax. We are ready to put our feet up and enjoy the weekend. Are you?

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Hitting the Wall: What’s the Next Step?

Business owners work towards growing their companies. This might include any number of factors:

  • Growing marketshare
  • Growing revenue
  • Growing the customer base
  • Growing profitability
  • Growing the product line
  • Growing reputation
  • … and other factors.

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Screen Capture – One Component in Hard-Hitting Internet How-Tos

Photo credit: Pedro Nogueira

Since my last post on the Camtasia Screen Capture and Edting Suite available from Techsmith I have received several questions on the best way to go about putting together aesthetically pleasing, informative, effective and most importantly, professional grade how-to video for online distribution. The following exposition can apply to almost any kind of how-to video, regardless of whether the subject will require a screen capture utility at all.

My advice to anyone wanting to provide their client with a high quality how-to video is first, go to YouTube , Vimeo or any other favorite video sharing site and search for how-to videos. You will be greeted with mountains of how-tos from serious to satirical ranging in quality from largely home-made shaky cam pointing at a monitor to a few genuinely professional grade videos. I have always proceeded from the standpoint that if a client wanted a video that looked as though it was shot with a cell phone camera pointing at a computer screen and narrated on the fly, they’d do it themselves. Clients, however, pay us to provide them with professional grade products and while I cannot claim to be able to trump Michael Bay in terms of production quality, I can certainly find a middle ground between Hollywood and the kid next door recording his best game of Guitar Hero.

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/10/2011)


Is it Friday already?  Wow, this week sure went by fast! It was full of good old-fashioned hard work, productivity and achievement.  But then, you know what they say: “Time flies when you’re having fun!” And so we find ourselves at another week’s end.  Why not get out and enjoy that warm weather outside this weekend?  Take your glass of iced tea, sit out on the back porch and prop your laptop on your lap while you catch up on the blogs we found for you this week.

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What Do Successful Small Businesses Have?

People. Yes, it’s pretty much that simple.

Starting and managing a small business, or any business, doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s simply a matter of creating a team, with each person contributing their knowledge and expertise which will combine with everyone else’s to be your vehicle to success.

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