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How to Use 1ShoppingCart Autoresponders Easily

Shopping Carts
1ShoppingCart is a web-based shopping cart program that does everything from allowing you to set-up a sell products, offer digital downloads, manage an affiliate program, process credit card transactions, and allows you to manage and market to your list.  As a Virtual Assistant, I use 1ShoppingCart (1SC) with many of my clients and along the way have learned some tips to make using 1SC even easier for you!

Today’s helpful tip will explain a bit more about a 1SC feature called Autoresponders and how to use your existing autoresponders to send emails to certain people on your mailing list.

At CVA we offer our clients the ability to turn over all of their 1SC duties to their VA, but if you need to do this yourself, we also love to teach our clients new things too!

If you are running a promotional campaign to market a new product or in our example a teleseminar , you will want to take a few different steps to make this a great experience for your clients or future clients.  First you will want to set up a new autoresponder that you will use to send out all of your promotional emails.  Second, you will want to create a second auto-responder that people will be added to when the opt-in AND that removes them from the first one automatically!

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/03/2011)

Powley Place Bridge on a Sunny Day

The long awaited day is finally here! That’s right folks it’s Friday! It has been a super busy time for us here at CVA even though it has been a short work week. But now it’s time to relax and rewind from all of our hard work. So kick back, put your feet up and enjoy your weekend! Its going to be a hot one that’s for sure.

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4 Tips for Delegating to Your Virtual Assistant

To Do's
photo credit: Courtney Dirks

So you have finally decided that you need a virtual assistant. Congratulations! This means your business is thriving and you can now increase your team!

Now, however, there are a few more decisions to be made, such as what you can delegate and how. For many small business owners, this step can be even more difficult than deciding to use a VA. Which tasks do you trust a virtual worker with? How do you leave your “baby” in the hands of a stranger and rest easy? Never fear! Your virtual assistant is here to help – starting with these 4 tips for delegating successfully!

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