Delegate, Focus, and GROW Your Business

What Do Successful Small Businesses Have?

People. Yes, it’s pretty much that simple.

Starting and managing a small business, or any business, doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s simply a matter of creating a team, with each person contributing their knowledge and expertise which will combine with everyone else’s to be your vehicle to success.
And a team doesn’t have to break your budget. A team can be as small as two people or as large as ten or a hundred people. Dealing with many small business owners, and large business owners, that’s the one thing I hear again and again – “I couldn’t do it all myself”. Technically, there are those few that may be able to do it all themselves, but for the larger part of the business population, they brought in someone to either handle the tasks they simply didn’t need to be bogged down with because it hindered their ability to focus on the bigger tasks at hand in growing the business; or, to handle the things that they simply didn’t have the expertise in.

No matter what your business, what point you are at in your business, how much you do or don’t know, or how much or how little help you need – you simply need “people”. (Reminds me of that commercial “I’ve got people!”)

You might need someone to bounce ideas off of – this can alone can make such a tremendous difference. You might need someone to hand off your administrative tasks to. You might need someone to do your marketing for you. You might need someone to handle your books. Maybe you need someone to handle customer support, do research, or any number of other tasks running a business requires.

Can you really do all of these things yourself, efficiently and effectively? I suppose it’s possible, again, for a few but surely they don’t sleep or their business takes ten times as long to take even the smallest step forward.

Many very successful businesses started with just two to a few people getting it off the ground, each contributing in their area of knowledge. These days, with the ability for many people to contribute to a business from their own home or office, many businesses are starting out with the owner and one Virtual Assistant.

Costs are cut because there is no overhead, no paid breaks and lunches, no benefits or any of the extra benefits an “employee” would drain out of your pocket. You pay for the work they actually do and that’s it.

Even multi-million dollar businesses are using VAs these days. A VA can do all of the tasks above and anything else you need done, from writing to assisting with your website and so much more. You can have them do as little or as much work as you need or can afford.

The benefits of a VA to any size business are immeasurable. You can get started with a VA for any task you need and you can easily stay within your budget by working with your VA to determine what they can accomplish for you within your budget. Maybe they work two hours per week for you; maybe they work 40 hours a week for you – it’s TOTALLY up to you.

All you need is “people”.

photo credit: PerformImpact

Posted on June 8th, 2011 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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