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Effective Communication

Communication is key. We have heard this same phrase repeated over and over, regardless of where we are  – home, school, or business. By the daily give and take we learn to communicate by speaking, reading, writing, even in our non-verbal expressions. What we do not learn is how to Effectively Communicate and that is the true key to success.

When it comes to being a virtual assistant or a client using one, the tools of effective communication are especially needed. It is one of the many parts of business and relationships that we take pride in. Here are the four most important elements of communication: Listening, Calculating, Responding, and Doing.

First, the aspect of listening means hearing the needs, ideas, and desired results from the client perspective. When the client communicates their wants it allows the VA to attach and tailor his or her abilities to their forthcoming tasks. When the VA listens, he or she can understand what services to provide for them.

After listening to the client, calculation comes next. This is the period of time where the VA makes sure the understand the task and the expectations. What are the steps along the way? What are they key points of the task? Have they explained what they need well enough so that I get a strong idea of what must be done?

Next: Responding. Here it is the VA’s turn to put their skills use. Determining whether the VA has understood the client’s wishes, digested the information, and calculated what to do.  The VA presents their understanding to the client to confirm it is correct then applies their experience and knowledge to the project and communicates this to the client.

The fourth and final element of : Doing. Doing means working on, checking in, and finally completing an assigned task.  The VA takes the information from the communications to and from the client then implements it in the task for the client’s satisfaction. The last step in this element is confirming you have done the task right upon completion.

Through effective communication the client and the VA builds a bond that leads to superior results in the tasks assigned.  Again, communication is key.

Posted on July 4th, 2011 by Team CVA

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