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Featured Weekend Reading (07/22/2011)



It’s that time again. Our favorite day of the week is here! That’s right people its Friday. It has been a busy week here at CVA and its time to unwind and relax. So grab your comfy chair, put those feet up and let’s get this weekend started!

It is supposed to be another hot weekend, so whether you are taking a dip in the pool, or hugging the air conditioner, we hope you will take a few minutes out to read the great posts we have picked out for you. Here are just a few:

  • Are We Born Entrepreneurs- Do you feel that anyone can be an entrepreneur or that it is something you are born to do? One of the main differences between being an entrepreneur and having a job is that you decide that you no longer wish to work for someone else. Be sure to check out Nick’s blog to learn if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • The Secret Behind Client Fascination- Fascination branding is just simply what your business stands for or is all about. This could be one of the most important steps to creating your brand. Once you have completed this everything else seems to fall in place. But the problem is that many entrepreneurs do this backwards. Be sure to check out Beverly’s blog for great tips on client fascination.
  • Why You Must Manage Client Expectations and Set Clear Boundaries- We all know this feeling, your just starting out and you are eager to please your clients. You go above and beyond to make sure their needs are taken care of. But some, not all, clients may start to take advantage of this. Be sure to read Susan’s blog to learn why it is important to set clear boundaries with clients.

And that’s all folks…. We here at CVA want to wish each of you a safe weekend! Stay cool and see ya next week with more great posts. Do you have big plans for the weekend? We’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment in the comments section. See you next week and be sure to visit Contemporary VA’s Stumble Upon Blog for even more featured posts.

photo credit: TroyMars

Posted on July 22nd, 2011 by Angela Anderson, Virtual Assistant

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