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How to Turn Convert Your Blog into an ATM Machine with Webinars

It can all start with a blog and a dream. Have you ever wondered if you could simply do what you wanted and make a nice living at it? Well, you can! You just need the passion and the drive and you will drive yourself right to success. Just ask Lewis Howes, who I had the amazing pleasure of meeting at Blog World 2011 in NYC. He told his story of how he started out blogging and it lead to webinars and a huge income.

He started back in 2009 and had no idea what a webinar even was at the time. He had a friend tell him to create a product, any product…and sell it after the webinar. He prepared a product and set up a webinar and had 600 people sign up and attend. He was freaking out, for lack of a better word. He had never spoken to more than 20 people before so this was overwhelming. He finishes his webinar and checks his emails & all of his emails say “PayPal.” I will not repeat what he said but he was EXCITED. Wouldn’t you be? He made $6300 for his 1st webinar and didn’t even know what he was doing but he had passion.

He now thought he was rich. So rich, that he didn’t do another webinar for 4 months. I know what you are thinking. Crazy….right? Well, 4 months later he does another webinar and makes $12,500. He was speechless. This webinar world was still very new to him. He had something here. This was what he wanted to do. Nothing converts people like a webinar if you are making your webinar an event.

Here is the 10 Step System for running an effective webinar that builds your list, increase sales, and turn your blog content into a profitable 6 figure business.

  1. You MUST make it an experience – you must engage people for 60-90 minutes. Keep this in mind or you will lose them.
  2. Optimize your Registration Page – Be Clean, Clear, and Crisp! If this page says too much or is confusing to people, they will not show up.
  3. Create an Event for the Event – Whether it is LindedIn or Facebook or whatever it is you are selling…create an event and make people excited.
  4. Promote 4-7 days in advance – If you promote too soon, they may not show up. Even if it is on their calendar, you want it fresh on their minds. Every day, hit them up with something new…email, Twitter, FB
  5. Seeding – Tell people you are selling something at the end so they won’t drop off of webinar for fear they may miss something. Capture their attention by using their name. Welcome them to the call at the beginning.
  6. Slides Per Minute – You can do 60 slides for 60 minutes or 90 slides for 90 minutes. You need to keep people motivated to stay on the call. Keep it simple. No bullets or people will start to get bored and leave. 1 point, 1 image! Make it seem as interesting as a movie.
  7. Over deliver & Seed some more – If you give people what they want, they will realize at the end that they just took 5 pages of notes and sat through an hour presentation but it only seemed like 15 minutes. They will keep coming back for more.
  8. Make it about your audience – Make it personal and add a story, like I did above. This reels people in and warms them up.
  9. Make it Irresistible – You must do this or conversion will be low. Make it so irresistible, people HAVE to buy it!
  10. Follow Through – You MUST follow up with people. You can get more than double what you did in live webinar if you follow up with people. Give them a payment plan or find out what they may want or need. A 3 day follow up process is great.

Remember these tips and remember me when you have your next successful webinar!

Tip: Live Webinars tend to be more successful than prerecorded. Go To Webinar is one of the BEST platforms to use for webinars. 99.9% reliable. It is the most used and the best for LIVE presentations.

Posted on July 14th, 2011 by Team CVA


Dai says:

What was the product he was selling at the end of the webinar?

Posted: September 2, 2011 @ 4:15 pm
Cathy Maynard, Virtual Assistant & Sales Manager says:

Thank you so much for the comment and the interest…..he was selling “How to have the perfect webinar” in mp3 and transcription version of the webinar. He was wanting people to sign up to more of his webinars as well as sell his stellar idea! If you have any further questions or would like to entertain your options with CVA please feel free to contact me directly at!!

Posted: September 6, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

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