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Another great way your VA can help you….E-books

Double Barrel E-reading--Daily Image 2011--May 31

By now you have all the great ways that hiring a VA can make your life easier, from everything to managing your calendar to handling your customer service calls. Did you also know that your VA can help your business earn money as well? I know sounds too good to be true but it’s not. Your VA can help you write an E-book. You are probably thinking there you have no need for an e-book aren’t ya? Did you know that Amazon just recently reported that they sell more Kindle books than hardback books? That got your attention didn’t it? Everyone these days has an e-reader, from small children to grandmothers. That is a pretty broad sales market you may be missing out on.

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Featured Weekend Reading (07/08/2011)


It’s that time again people …. That’s right it’s finally Friday. We were blessed with a short work week this week but it has been super busy. That is the way it usually works when you miss a day of work you play catch up the rest of the week.

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Building Online Communities

What would you give to have the rapt attention of your audience? To have the ability to engage them in a place they feel appreciated and close to you? To possess a feedback mechanism to ensure you are developing goods and services your audience will consume repeatedly? What is the value of a loyal fan-base that comes to you as a respected expert in your niche? A solid online community can offer all of these to an organization or company if community development is based on the needs of the audience versus the needs of the business.

A good online community is highly focused and niche-specific. It is a specialized place members feel they are in a supportive environment. Online communities should have a positive, upbeat appeal and be diverse in friendly members. It should be a place of learning and where relationships and connections with real people can be made. It is about making the audience member feel like they have you and other community members to relate to on a one-on-one basis.

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Get more done… Mad Scientist Style!

Some days, when you look at your schedule, you probably think that an extra pair of hands would be helpful. Unless you’re a mad scientist working in your mountaintop laboratory, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to attach an extra pair of hands and arms from your shoulders any time soon. [Insert mad-scientist-style cackling laughter here]. You need another set of hands to help you get more done, and you’ll need a person to go with them.

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Effective Communication

Communication is key. We have heard this same phrase repeated over and over, regardless of where we are  – home, school, or business. By the daily give and take we learn to communicate by speaking, reading, writing, even in our non-verbal expressions. What we do not learn is how to Effectively Communicate and that is the true key to success.

When it comes to being a virtual assistant or a client using one, the tools of effective communication are especially needed. It is one of the many parts of business and relationships that we take pride in. Here are the four most important elements of communication: Listening, Calculating, Responding, and Doing.

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Featured Weekend Reading (07/01/2011)

Disco fireworks

The long awaited day is finally here! That’s right folks it’s finally Friday. Not only is it Friday it’s the start of a long weekend. Monday is the 4th of July and we will be taking time out to spend with our family and friends. Don’t forget to remember the troops for the freedoms we all enjoy so much.  Ok folks, we have worked hard all week here at CVA and now it’s time to get this weekend started!

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