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Email Ping Pong: Helping to handle your clients email, how and what techniques

One of the biggest problems we face today is receiving hundreds of emails a day; this has become a real challenge for many business ownersOn average our clients receive daily somewhere between 150-500 emails, while most of them are SPAM, it takes many hours to go through them.

Some of the ways a VA will use to handle these challenges are:

  • Folders or Labels – Most email programs allow you to create folder to sort through email.  This usually makes finding emails much easier.  For example folders and or labels can be used for emails that have to be handled immediately, for each individual person that emails (set setting up rules).
  • Templates – If emails are received with similar questions templates can be used.  For example if  client sells items and someone wants to know where to buy an specific item a template will be used for that, that way we’ll save you oodles of time for those responses that require the same or similar information on a regular basis.
  • Set up rules – Most good email programs will allow you to automatically sort your email as it comes in. This is done based on a set of criteria you establish such as the content, the sender’s email address, the address to which it’s sent, etc.

The goal with email management is to touch each email only once and to process each email quickly and efficiently. Then, once an email has been processed, never see it again (unless you want to).

As a VA I try to understand my clients email needs, who is important and who isn’t.  Sometimes our clients do not want to read everything it says on an email, that is where we come in, we will read the email and create a very small summary and email a summary of important messages that way by reading a couple of sentences the decision can be made on how to handle that particular email, your VA will get rid of spam and in general prioritize.

Sometimes lack of communication and or understanding can make a VA’s task in dealing with emails extremely difficult, the more information we get the better it is, keeping in mind that at the beginning there is a learning curve for both sides, once the decision has been made of what to do with the emails the process end up being very rewarding.

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Posted on August 8th, 2011 by Team CVA

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